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Holy Family Primary seeks funds on crowdfunding platform to execute improvement projects

Published:Sunday | July 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM
A section of the Holy Family Primary and Infant School in south central Kingston.

The Holy Family Primary and Infant School has enlisted the assistance of the JN Group's online crowdfunding platform, to garner funds for two important projects that are aimed at improving safety and the learning environment.

Founded in 1890, the Holy Family Primary and Infant School is appealing for assistance to rehabilitate the infrastructure of the institution.

Holy Family Primary and Infant School, formerly known as East Branch Elementary School, is located at 2 and 9 Laws Street, in south central Kingston, in an inner-city area commonly known as “Southside”. The initial building was a converted hospital, and the area was a residential one.

The school is located in an inner city community where opportunities are few, and the economic circumstances dismal. Further, most pupils come from families with a single female parent.

Principal Christopher Wright, said there is urgent need to repair the staircase at the primary school and fix the leaking roof of the infant department.

“We have two projects, which the Holy Family Primary and Infant School would like corporate Jamaica to assist us with. One, there is an issue of safety and security, as it relates to some staircases on two blocks which need refurbishing,” Wright said.

“And two, we have a leaking situation in our Grade Two classes, where when it rains heavily, at times water comes in contact with the electrical panel; it chips out the breaker and our children are uncomfortable,” he added.

Underscoring the positive impact that it would have on the institution, the school's principal said it's important to create a safe and secure environment for learning.

“The children will feel safe and comfortable at school and that will improve the learning process, which would in turn spill off into the community, as they become better thinkers with more creative minds, to redound to the benefit of the community,” he said.

Wright is imploring corporate Jamaica and Jamaicans in the Diaspora to contribute to the rehabilitation of the school through the platform.

Holy Family Primary School is one of 14 schools, which are urgently seeking funding for repairs to the infrastructure of their buildings. Through a partnership with The Jamaica National Group online platform, persons can contribute to these project, under the Pledge2Build Project, which is mounted on the crowdfunding site.

Phillip Lindsay, operations officer,, said donating to the Pledge2Build Project would enhance the infrastructure of the schools.

Lindsay disclosed that, to date, US$415 has been donated to the Holy Family Primary and Infant School; however, the target is US$50,000. He explained that contributing to any initiative via the platform is simple and secure. Interested persons may donate by visiting the ISupport platform at, click on the project; and then click the “Back This Project” button.

In addition, donations can be made via JN Live e-banking platform or by visiting a branch of any JN Bank or MoneyShop; and, through inter bank transfers.

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