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Prepare to exercise in a different and uniquely Jamaican way … Yoga challenge for all levels to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle

Published:Wednesday | July 31, 2019 | 12:00 AM

There is a need to find affordable and unconventional ways to get moving and create consistency in health and wellness habits. Numerous studies support the countless health benefits of stretching and yoga.

Enter ‘Every Mickle Meka Muscle’ – a 31-day social media-based (Instagram and Facebook) wellness yoga challenge for the entire month of August, with a weekly Pose of the Week breakdown in The Gleaner. These stretches/poses will be focused on strengthening and opening the core (the abs and back).

Creator Jo-Hanna Taylor (@jo_hannabanana), a wellness professional and yoga practitioner, wanted to provide a fun way to highlight the physical and mental benefits of yoga and stretching in a way that supports consistent fitness and wellness habits. She teamed up with PUSH Magazine chief executive officer O’Dain Honegan (@pushitja), the talented eye behind the top active lifestyle publication promoting healthy living through movement.


Persons will gain access to the challenge calendar via social media or The Gleaner or by searching the hashtags #EveryMickleMekaMuscle or #EMMAM2019. Each daily pose will be posted on the host’s social-media page. Participants will follow along daily as the team posts high-quality pictures highlighting the stretch/pose of the day in historical Jamaican locations, tying in Jamaica’s 57th birthday month.

‘Every Mickle Meka Muscle’ will also provide a daily video showing how to safely get into the day’s stretch/pose and highlighting benefits and modifications.

The challenge is to post a picture doing each day’s pose, tagging the sponsors for a chance to be featured and win weekly prizes from the health/wellness-oriented sponsors.

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