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Talkback Tuesday

Published:Wednesday | July 31, 2019 | 12:14 AM

In recent weeks, media reports have detailed what many consider light sentences for people convicted of major offences such as murder. In most cases, the convicts benefited from discounts under the plea-bargaining law. What’s your reaction to the sentences? #GLNRTalk

Two murders, 6 years... what crazy world are we living in. This is the kind of message that gives them the mindset of mi will done a bwoy n guh do a few years fi it’. Cold blooded murders deserve life sentences and even ‘D- Penalty’ – @call_him_scarlett_

Absolutely crazy! What message are we sending to the other offenders currently free and doing the same thing? – @pink_barbie7

Jamaican law has always been shackled by corruption brought upon by legislation that only benefitted the “big man”. Now it’s an avalanche effect that is being imposed on the most heinous of crimes to date. The very fact that a judge can shave off years to a man that killed two people because he admitted to the crime shows a precedence of a dilapidated justice system and judges that have no back bone to show no mercy to these fiends of society. It’s a very disturbing element that is occurring now. The man that goes over the fence at Vale Royal to steal a mango is given a life sentence, but the man that kills two people is given six years. Goes to show you that just because it’s the Governor General’s home, the life of the mango was more important than that of the people. – @jancroh

This is what happens when we have been given power to charlatans, liars and thieves the power to pass legislation. – benayoun55

Judges in Jamaica do not have the courage to impose tough sentences we need to have sentencing guidelines. I think a jury should decide on the sentence someone gets. – @black_unicorn94

Injustice to the victims, not good. – @terry_nightingale

Instead of lethal injections, these murderers are going to prison for 4-5 years. 54 year old rapes 12 year old and gets 2 years. Something is terribly wrong with that. – @godsgloria

Me done y’all. How can any judge sentence a double murderer to 6 months??? He needs to be removed from the bench. – @willynilly17

Injustice in the courts is worse than the crime itself. Madness!!! They better be careful eno. This may backfire! – @leroymontaque

You know why we need NEW PRISON FI PUT WEY THEM FI LIFE.THAT’S IT. – @zell125

I am ABSOLUTELY outraged by it as it shows a disregard for those murdered and the pain their families will have to endure..This shows that not even the justice system is just..#sad – @godsohgood

An absolute joke indeed, harsh sentences for harsh crimes. I totally agree with the idea of bringing back hanging. – @kev_panton

What we are witnessing is a degringolade of our justice system carried out by incompetent legislators. For victims of crime its travesty and insult. For criminals it’s a victory and business as usual. This poor nation is crying out for moral leadership. – @CDaley4

Don’t like it one bit. – @AndyBrookine