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Hello Mi Neighbour | Reaping what you sow!

Published:Friday | August 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Hello, mi neighbour! Tired of the wickedness? If all wi duh is fight an’ cheat an’ buck an’ bite an’ tief an’ kill, wha’ wi gwaine tell Big Massa when im come fi judge wi? What will happen in the final analysis? Perpetrators of wrong must stop and think about outcomes of misdeeds, or otherwise … . For persons who believe that they are licensed to mistreat o­thers, watch your step! Negative actions attract negative rewards and vice versa.

Before that big day of reckoning anticipated by the world, there will be many intermediate days of reckoning. These days are points in time when the effects of past mistakes or misdeeds catch up with us in painful ways.

The pain we inflict on others in the name of personal pleasure has serious consequences. That wayward husband or wife who is causing emotional turmoil for their partner is inconsiderate of the well-­being of the family. The community would suggest that you cease and desist while you can. However strong the feeling for the third party, when the fire is quenched, you will not like the ‘stench’. Cool it.

The grass always appears greener on the other side, but just imagine how green and lush your grass can become if you only water and care for it. Many who water and enjoy their own ‘grass’ live to tell the tale, but those who don’t usually have many tales told about them. Yes, you do have a choice.

Outcomes that follow certain actions are usually predictable. The man who is behind bars this moment took a while to get there. The process began the day he set eyes on the 10-year-old and started cultivating lustful thoughts towards her. Had he paid attention to the ‘check light’, his life would have been different today.

People who are in the habit of blaming the devil for their indiscretions must bear in mind that the devil is not the one paying the penalty for their crime. The power of choice given to all must be used wisely. If you know that a particular negative action can cause an outcome commensurate with said action, why not make a wiser choice? Think about it.

During my conversation with Bro G some years ago, he let me in on a little secret. His reason for sitting in a wheelchair was his own carelessness. If he had taken out his wife that fateful night instead of the other man’s girlfriend, a better story could have been told of him. “If mi did know” is always too late. But you did know that what happened was likely to happen, but “man was just tekking a chance saka greed and red yeye”, eenh?

Some people are so skilful and smart and may never get caught. But as ol’ time people say, “Get wey from man, but nut get wey from God.” And that is the real crux of the matter. People may perform much evil undercover that no one may discover, but the time comes when all wicked deeds will be uncovered.

So if all we wi duh is fight an’ rab an’ cheat an’ bite an’ tief and kill, wha’ wi tell Massa Gad when im come? Time for a change if the Great One will smile on you on that great day.

Until next time, please help someone from the list below.


- Leon, St Andrew, for clothing and household items.

- Rema, St Andrew, for act of kindness.

- Karlene, St Andrew, for contribution.

- Natoyer, for act of neighbourliness.


- Junior, St Mary, asking for bed linens and size nine shoes.

- Neighbour, unemployed, desperately needs a mattress.

- Neighbour, St Catherine, asking for a stove, dining table.

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