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Growth & Jobs | Kareen Lamme: Maker of natural cosmetics

Published:Tuesday | August 13, 2019 | 12:00 AMOlivia Brown/Gleaner Writer
Kareen Lamme
Some of the products made by Kareen Lamme.

Kareen Lamme is hoping to make her mark in the beauty industry with her Jamaican cosmetics line which produces primarily natural, organic products that she describes as “natural and cruelty-free.”

Būtē Cosmetics, based in Rose Hall, Montego Bay, St James, produces liquid foundations, lip glosses and face powders made from aloe vera, shea and cocoa butter.

Lamme, make-up artist and sole proprietor of Būtē Cosmetics, said the cosmetic line was conceptualised through personal experiences, noting the challenges with finding a foundation that matched her skin tone and also yielded benefits to her skin.

“I was inspired by my career as an entertainer to develop make-up that offered benefits to my skin without the ill effects of wearing make-up daily.”

Assuring the safety of her products, Lamme said, “We work with some of the best labs in the world when testing ingredients.” She added that all products are made by her in the comfort of her home.

“I have a lab at home, so all my products are made there.”

The licensed beauty therapist attributes her mastery of her work to her knowledge of the sciences. Additionally, she said, “Being an illustrative artist has offered me the advantage of colour matching and custom blending varying spectrum of skin tone.”

Expanding market

The St Hilda’s High School past student boasts what she described as an expanding market, stating that her brand caters to skin tones of every shade. “Even my Caucasian clients, they love it! Someone said the product is like their drug.”

Būtē Cosmetics also facilitates customised colour matching if customers are not able to find a foundation from the collection to match their skin tones. She said, however, that this is a rare instance as Būtē Cosmetics carries a variety of shades and tones.

Speaking of her aloe vera liquid foundation, Lamme said, “It has a nice matte finish. The minerals condition the skin and lock in moisture.”

The collection also carries a shea coco cream foundation which, she said, is perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin types as it helps in controlling future breakouts without clogging pores.

Lamme said since Būtē Cosmetics’ inception in 2013, the market and clientele have grown significantly, locally and internationally, the feedback has been positive and amazing.

Karen Lamme can be contacted at (876) 372-3956 and on social media @butecosmetics.