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Kingston Creative reveals augmented-reality mural downtown

Published:Friday | August 23, 2019 | 12:14 AM
Artists in front of the augmented-reality mural in Kingston.
Artists in front of the augmented-reality mural in Kingston.

Downtown Kingston will be getting a facelift Sunday with the launch of the Caribbean’s first-ever augmented reality mural at the Kingston Creative Artwalk.

Kingston Creative hosts Artwalk and Market Street, the last Sunday of each month in downtown Kingston, and this month’s theme, #MoodForFood, celebrates Jamaica’s culinary arts with an added twist of technology.

Art lovers, residents, and tourists will get the opportunity to experience downtown Kingston through different lenses as Kingston Creative collaborates with tTech, F&B Downtown, and Next Gen creators.

Augmented-reality technology, dubbed ‘AR(t)’ by Kingston Creative, integrates computer-generated objects into real-world surroundings, adding sound, visuals, and 3D elements into the experience. Well-rounded AR(t) has been beautifying cityscapes all over the world – and has been having much success in art districts, in particular, where visitors can get to learn about the pieces and the places and interact with them in a different way.

Various uses of technique

This technique has various uses – from bringing art out of the museums into the streets to the gamification of community walking tours.

AR(t) is being used to increase access to artwork and cultural information, bring in a younger, tech-savvy audience, and grow visitor attendance and spend in art districts and communities where the murals are housed. Thanks to local corporates tTech, F&B Downtown and Next Gen Creators, AR(t) will be making its first appearance in Jamaica at the Kingston Creative Artwalk.

Patrons can expect the augmented-reality mural to go live at the F&B Downtown/Swiss Stores building, 107 Harbour Street​, at 11:00 am on Sunday, and it will be visible from the intersection of Church Street and Water Lane.

The mural, which was painted by world-renowned Jamaican artist Bernard Hoyes, will feature the cultural theme of Revival dance and will be animated using AR technology so that the dancers will come to life. Persons who want to find out more about the mural are instructed to go to ​​ for details and to download the Artivive App before the event.