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Growth & Jobs | Two girls with a lens creating memories, jobs

Published:Tuesday | September 24, 2019 | 12:00 AMNadine Wilson-Harris/Gleaner Writer
Veronica Allen-Ettinger and Tashana Haye on the beach directing a photo shoot for a client.
Veronica Allen-Ettinger and Tashana Haye (left) at the 2019 Jamaica Bridal Expo.

As best friends, Veronica Allen-Ettinger and Tashana Haye have created many beautiful memories together, and now that they are business partners, they are focused on helping families and friends to preserve their own memories with the help of their photography company.

The duo started Two Girls with a Lens last year, and since then they have gone beyond just offering photography services to their clients. They also do live streaming, videography and, in recent times, they have been offering their clients the option of having a selfie photo booth at their venue.

“Our motto is ‘bringing people together when it matters most.’ We are more than just taking pictures and doing videos, we create memories,” said Allen-Ettinger.

“We specialise in weddings because we know how special a wedding day is; and in terms of our live streaming, there are times when family and friends from abroad may not be able to attend in person,” she said.

For a long time, photography was just a hobby for both ladies, but as more people started admiring their skills, the friends hatched a plan to go into business.

“She has been my best friend for years and we are more like sisters, and so we were like, ‘hey, we are two girls with a lens, and that’s how the company came about and we have been building ever since,” said Allen-Ettinger.

“I love capturing moments,” added Haye.

“I used to buy film cameras and play dress up, just to snap a pic. When we became friends, it was obvious that we shared similar passions. We took a lot of pictures using cell phones and so we decided, why not turn our hobby into a business,” she said.


While the company offers traditional photography and videography services, the ultimate aim is to make the live streaming of weddings their flagship service. The company also live stream other occasions, such as funerals.

“One of the reasons why I pushed for the live stream so much; I remember when my mom passed away two years ago, her best friend was in the States and she couldn’t make it and I’m like, if we had something like this, at least she would be able to participate,” said Allen-Ettinger.

“The live stream is interactive, where guest and family members can call in. If it’s a wedding, they can give a toast; and if it’s a funeral, they can give a tribute,” she explained.

The photo booth was intended to inject a bit of fun at the special occasions they cover, such as weddings.

“So, for example, you are at a wedding and the bride and the groom is off taking their picture and it is cocktail hour, it is something for the guests to do. So we have a whole lot of different props, so they can post and take pictures, and they can print it right away to have it for a keepsake,” Allen-Ettinger explained.

The St Ann-based company currently has four persons employed, but the girls have big, plans for the future.

“My vision for the future is to grow this company big where we can hire people and provide jobs,” said Allen-Ettinger.