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Retail consultant Jeanel Alvarado living the boss lifestyle

Published:Friday | September 27, 2019 | 12:29 AM
Retail consultant Jeanel Alvarado.
Retail consultant Jeanel Alvarado.

For many young people, choosing a career happens later in life, but this was not the case with Jeanel Alvarado. She knew what her calling was from early. An experienced retail strategist, Alvarado started her career as the senior managing director of The School of Retailing, working for major retailers on consulting projects, from e-commerce and store design to merchandising and go-to-market.

Alvarado is the CEO and founder of RETAILBOSS, one of the largest online communities of retail entrepreneurs, where she provides business advice and mentorship through a monthly subscription.

The Canada-born with Jamaican heritage CEO said she was always interested in the industry.

“My first job was in retail, when I was 16, and then from there I studied fashion buying, and then later attended University for business and retailing. I also worked at the School of Retailing as a senior managing director, where I worked with big retail companies on consulting projects related to e-commerce, merchandising technology, real estate and more,” she said.

Whether you’re looking to starting a fashion line or get your products in major stores, Alvarado has mastered the skill to show her clients exactly how to make money in retail.


Her simple secret is to stay curious, as it is a changing industry.

“The secret is to always be learning, and understanding that retail begins and ends with the customer. Understanding consumer behaviour, trends and keeping an eye on where the market is going is how you stay agile and continue to thrive in retail.”

The daughter of a Jamaican, Alvarado will be a speaker at the RTS conference weekend at the Moon Palace Hotel in Ocho Rios tomorrow.

After a chance encounter with Zedoj CEO Jodianne ‘Zedoj’ Murdock in New York and connecting on their common heritage, they became friends and a few months later she is back in Jamaica, where her father, was born to share what she learned in her busy professional life.

“I have some advice on retailing,” she quipped.

“Attendees to the conference should look forward to learning how to build and scale a profitable retail business to make six figures in their first year of business,” she said.