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Rain is coming!

Published:Sunday | October 6, 2019 | 12:19 AM

Manchester, Jamaica:

The story of Ahab, a king of Israel who met and married Jezebel, most known for her oppressive and evil character, depicts the lives of many individuals who have turned their faces away from the Creator and have had to learn the hard way how difficult life can be without the Supreme Being.

Minister Harrone Guthrie, in a recent sermon at the Campbell’s Castle Seventh-Day Adventist Church, said life is never easy without the Sustainer of life.

“There is something about people who [leave] the Church. They let go of Jesus and they just let loose in evil. They just show everybody that they are the modern-day Ahab and Jezebel. But someone needs to leave the roadway and come back to church.

“God’s word is still in effect, and there is nothing that you and I can do that will negate His word. When in the 10 Commandments God says, ‘Thou shall not commit adultery’ , He knew what He was talking about. When you and I get up and do as you feel like against the Commandments, all we invite upon ourselves is ruin,” he added.

He said difficulties are part of every journey and should not be looked upon as a deterrent to God’s ultimate plan for us.

examine yourself

“There is a reason why everything does not work out. It now requires you to go back to the drawing board with your plans, to look within your life. Perhaps you are so busy chasing the work; chasing the subjects; and chasing the money that you leave God by the wayside … running down life but leaving the Prince of life.”

“You have to be willing to be led and to follow the instructions of God. Some of us diligently leave our places of abode and put all our faith in Google Maps, and even when it leads you to a coconut tree, you don’t curse. But when God leads you in the Bible and talks to you, you question if He is really sure.”

He continued, “Is like them have to knock out your day service and WiFi access for you to understand the guiding power in your life. You trust your phone and people too much when you should be trusting God.”

He said too many times people misinterpret struggles for suffering instead of being grateful regardless of the situation.

“Some of us don’t want people to know that we doing hand-to-mouth living, but allow me to explain: hand-to-mouth living is from God’s hands to your mouth. I can trust that hand for He knows what He is doing.”

He questioned how many people truly trust God and wait on him to deliver through his ways and means.

stick to the goal

“God is still in the business of providing for his people. We must be willing to have reminders in our lives that God is working for us. There are many times we follow the Lord, and when things don’t work out the way we planned, and we going through a rough patch, we don’t stick to the goals. Don’t jump off the wagon. The potholes won’t last forever!”

Guthrie said there would be rough moments, but God would not take you through it if He could not bring you through it.

“Our homes are in turmoil; our communities are in problem because we have forsaken the commandments of God. It is not the Christians who are the problem. It is those of us who decide to move independently of the word of God.

“We can’t be on both sides when it comes on to righteousness. It’s either God or Satan. This case, where we want a piece of Satan some days in the week and a piece of God one day of the week, won’t work. It’s either one or the other.

“There is one living God. He is not limited by your circumstances. If there is something keeping you from God, cut it off. The same God that turned up at Mount Carmel is the same God that will turn up in your life.Allow God to work. God can pay your light bill, give you food, send your children back to school. But ask Him for a bigger thing. Ask God to save you. Ask God for some rain,” he ended.