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Growth & Jobs | May Pen residents get HEART Trust certification

Published:Tuesday | October 8, 2019 | 12:00 AMOlivia Brown/Gleaner Writer

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

Residents of May Pen, Clarendon, were among the first cohort of students to enrol and attain certification in short-term courses being offered at the newly founded Kaluga Institute in Old Harbour, St Catherine. The institute offers short-term courses, accredited by the HEART Trust National Training Agency, in mixology and bartending. Other courses in event decor, table dressing, food preparation, and others are to be added soon.

Adrian Samuda, managing director of the Kaluga Group of Companies, said that the concept of Kaluga Institute was founded on the lack of effective practical skills that he noticed in persons seeking employment at the popular Kaluga Kafe Restaurant.

Basking in her role as co-founder and chief executive officer of the Kaluga Institute, Patricia Garib said, “Self-development and personal training have always been my passion, and this new role allows me to venture into an assignment aligned with long-term objectives.”

Successful first cohort

Speaking of the institute’s first batch of students, Garib said, “The first cohort was very successful under the HEART Trust/National Training Agency-certified business development courses in mixology and bartending in September. This certification will allow persons to perform duties around the world.”

Garib says the response has been good; however, the distance is often as a hindrance to Clarendon residents. “The distance gives some persons a fight. I am originally from Clarendon, so persons gravitate to wanting to do the courses; however, a few find their way.” Garib notes that May Pen residents accounted for a large part of the cohort of students, hence the decision to host a customer service workshop in the Clarendon capital later this month.

Garib said a third of the institute’s first cohort of certified students has attained employment at Kaluga Kafe Restaurant, effective October 1. Garib is encouraging interested person to join the team, adding, “They will also have the opportunities to train alongside other professionals in the field at the most exquisite restaurant in Jamaica, the Kaluga Kafe!”