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The Christian green card process

Published:Sunday | October 13, 2019 | 5:33 AMTamara Bailey - Gleaner Writer

Manchester, Jamaica:

It is the dream of many individuals to migrate to what they deem as a country with greener pastures, but with the requirements of each country being different and sometimes difficult to satisfy, many never attain success.

However, theology major at Northern Caribbean University Harronne Guthrie said there is one place that is willing to accept every individual living one Earth once they have an interest.

“I want to share with you Heaven’s green card because I am still convinced that anything God comes up with, people will copy, and because God has a green card system, man has come up with a green card system. And somebody is running down another green card and running away from Heaven’s green card.”

Speaking at a recent Jesus is the Answer crusade at the Campbell’s Castle SDA Church, Guthrie said: “We are all at the embassy of Heaven, lined up for an interview and about to learn how we can get Heaven’s green card for eternity. Our God is powerful, (and) when He says He is going to do something, He is going to do it. When we study the prophecies of the Bible, it encourages us to have faith in Jesus. In John 14:29, Jesus says, ‘I have told you these things before they come to pass, that when they happen, you might believe’.”

He said that we bank our whole business on what man says, but when God tells us what to do, we question it.

“When we take His word at face value, we are blessed. Prophecies show what will happen – the gospel prepares us for what will happen. Give the gospel a chance and allow it to work out in your life. Allow Jesus to move upon you.”

The preacher said that in material science, glass is brittle, and some of us look like concrete but are really glass. He added that we need to change our substance.

“The small things that start to happen then we start worry; the food start going down, pressure. Get connected to Jesus. Allow someone in your life that can take the pressure from you so you can stand and that when the tough times come, you still have somewhere to anchor your feet.”

He said the world is not our home, and the current happenings are showing the signs.

“All the kingdoms of this world are temporary. We cannot fight the word of God. Get your house in order. Does God have control of your life? This world will not last, but God does.”

Guthrie added that every kingdom needs a ruler, a territory, citizens, a law, history, and a national hero, but only one kingdom will be left standing, and that is the Kingdom of God.

“God will take this earth and remodel it. He will move out His people and return them to a new earth. This earth has an expiry date. In the new earth, everyone can hold. There are no space limitations.”

The preacher stated that for Heaven’s green card, you need an embassy, which is the Church, something to tell you where to go called the gospel; and payment to go in, which is called faith.

“What is an immigration programme? While Australia works on a points system, and Canada looks at your skills, God’s kingdom is for people who can’t even score one (point) and they don’t have any skill. There is a space in God’s kingdom for you. You have no excuse. God doesn’t need qualification, money, or detailed paperwork, [He needs your heart],” he ended.