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Embracing roots, honouring a legacy – Part II

Published:Sunday | October 20, 2019 | 1:24 AMTamara Bailey - Gleaner Writer

Manchester, Jamaica:

“We are here not because of our goodness. We are here because of God’s goodness: we are here because of His mercies, and had it not been for God’s mercies, all of us would be dead. Satan wants to kill us, but God says, ‘Be still and know that I am God’.” Those are the words of Pastor Dr Wayne Palmer as he sought to establish where our roots lie.

In his sermon at the Campbell’s Castle Seventh-day Adventist Church recently, he said we should never take for granted the life we have been blessed with, as we could easily be in the number of individuals killed in the country per year.

“It pays to serve Jesus; it pays every step of the way, because the only reason we are here today is because of the mercies of Jesus Christ. God’s mercies stream over land and sea. Your grills and (burglar) bars and whatever you have walking around with are not what will save with you, but the grace of God (will).

“I have written recommendations for gun licences, and I realise people think guns can save them. I would not even walk with a slingshot, because I am confident that I am protected under the bloodstained banner of Prince Emmanuel,” he said.

He said acknowledging that our lives are not our own is the best way to submit to the ultimate Source and Sustainer of life, from which we have come.

“One of the greatest things that can relieve your conscience is to say what Jesus say you should do. There are always two entities laid before any one of us: life and death, heaven or hell.”

He said there is a choice we all have to make.

“The Bible is the breath of God. Fundamental teachings of God’s true church are based upon the word of God. Our roots are strictly anchored in the word of God. David was fully convinced that he had chosen the will of truth, and we must be fully convinced about our sure anchor in Jesus Christ.

“We are commissioned to go forth with the message of Jesus Christ. Revelation 14: 6-12 commissions us to go forward. If there is no other time that we should tell men to give glory to God, the time is now.”

He said the world has many distractions and individuals can be easily misled.

“I’m begging you to stop listening to some of the things you are listening to. We are in a technologically savvy age where are people are caught up with Internet and social media, and it seems as though some people have more interest in these platforms than on the word of God.

“The world has been taken over by spiritism. Go back to family worship. Confusion will not last forever: Babylon must fall. Let us be ready for the coming of Jesus. I am convinced He must come soon,” he ended.