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Lloyd Steven a renegade for Christ

Published:Sunday | October 20, 2019 | 1:21 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston - Gleaner Writer
Lloyd Steven
Lloyd Steven

Today, Lloyd Steven is thanking God for saving him from his rash temper. He is happy he can be promoting Renegades for Christ – a non-denominational ministry which provides young people from various denominations a platform to showcase their talents.

Reflecting on his past, Steven remembers how close he came to throwing away his future. It all started with an altercation he had with a man over a woman he was dating.

Unknown to him, the woman was still in a relationship with her child’s father. One day he was attacked with a machete by three persons the babyfather had contracted to kill him.

“I had to run for my life, leaving my bag with valuables behind. After that, every person was a suspect. I trusted no one. After spending many nights crying, I decided that I had to kill this young man or teach him a lesson. I formed my own little revenge team, who had legal firearms,” Stevens shared.

One day when he was on his way to attack his nemesis, he had to pass his mother’s church and found it strange that at 6 o’clock in the morning, the pastor was at the gate. The pastor told him he had been waiting all morning for him.

“He hugged me and I started to cry. It turned out the Holy Spirit had shown me to him and revealed that I was about to do something that would have changed my life for the worst. I gave my life to the Lord that day,” Steven said.

vigilante friends

However, he ended up being the target of his own vigilante group of friends because they thought he would have squealed on them.

Steven found out that they even went to church with the intention to harm him, but at the time he was singing the song Standing Somewhere in the Shadows You’ll Find Jesus. It was so convincing that they came to the conclusion he was truly converted and left.

Steven, who grew up in the Constant Spring area and is a past student of Wolmer’s High and Mico Teachers’ College, said the idea for Renegades for Christ came when he attended his first youth camp in 1997.

He said he was amazed at the talent of fellow campers and thought it was a travesty for them not to have a larger platform on which to showcase their gifts.

“When we got back from camp, a group of us from the Constant Spring Wesleyan Holiness Church collaborated to win people for Christ using entertainment to educate, and we also wanted it to be a ministry that strengthens Christians. In other words, who guards the bodyguards – RENEGADE!

Steven said that there are plans to take the ministry’s mandate across the country through a series of events that will give churches and their members a platform to showcase their talents and gifts.

The hope, according to him, is for Renegade for Christ to be the vehicle where persons can come and fellowship and share their talents.

“To seasoned Christians, we want to be that bridge over troubled waters, attending to the wounded and heal our soldiers,” he said.