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Diary Of A Ghetto Priest | God commands and I obey

Published:Monday | October 28, 2019 | 12:00 AMFr Richard Ho Lung
Father Ho Lung praying for a woman.

It is difficult to know if the Lord is leading or we are getting in the way, doing what we want. I search and search, and I listen, trying always to do the will of God.

Working with the homeless and the destitute is absolutely clear. Over and over I find him in the poor. It’s what God wants me to develop, discover and to reveal to everyone. Those are his special people, He loves them, and He listens to their call. It’ s been 40 years that God has used me to reveal God’s love for the poor, and His desire that we feed, house, clothe, love the forgotten ones as His own children.

Yesterday, after the last performance of Isaiah, I was totally at rest with myself on the matters of music and productions and my God. I had done what He wanted of me. Six thousand high schoolers were at the arena. Over all, we had 45 thousand people over the two week period.

It culminated 50 years of performance from the first time I began writing for Liturgy and Worship to this point when we have these epic productions. It’s been 50 years of joy and happiness, and, I believe we have glorified the Lord.

There is a sense of rest within me. He is satisfied. The performers are satisfied. The audiences are satisfied, and God is glorified. The vocation within my vocation of serving the poorest and building up the community of MOP has been clearly manifested that it is of God.

In a very precise way, in a deep and serious way, I see that God has desired all the music and productions. It is given by God, I have given it back to Him and the people, how I must preserve for the good of peoples, to evangelize and to glorify God.

It is important, it is lasting, and it is a gift from God. I must not take it lightly. It is from God and it is for His kingdom. It came through me and the hundreds of artists of Father Ho Lung and Friends to tell the story of God’s call to His people, and the building of the Kingdom of God.

This music has been given to me as a priest in Jamaica and for Jamaica, and for the world. That certitude is deep within me.

That presence of God within me, that confirmation by Him, that sense of satisfaction, that I have fulfilled what I am called for – to announce the good news of Jesus Christ – is fulfilled in all these artistic productions and the service of the poorest of people, with my sons – the Missionaries of the Poor

I will rest and then I must move on. The call to serve the poor and the poorest of people, and this new evangelization through the arts is just beginning once again.