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Massive drug scandal, prison terms for politicians predicted

Published:Tuesday | December 31, 2019 | 12:33 AM
The Spirit of the Lord says that banks need to increase the interest rates on certificates of deposit, regular chequing, and savings accounts, local prophets have said.
The Spirit of the Lord says that banks need to increase the interest rates on certificates of deposit, regular chequing, and savings accounts, local prophets have said.

Given by the Lord through Apostle Steve Lyston, Bishop Dr Doris Hutchinson, Pastor Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, and Prophet O. Onesto Jolly.

The year 5780/2020 is the year of ‘pey’. ‘Pey’ is the Hebrew letter for the number 80 and is the symbol of a mouth. It is a time of great insight, breath, voice, and divine sparks of God. Moses was 80 when He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. So, it will be a time of deliverance, strength, and dominion. We will see the manifestation of 2 Chronicles 20:20 take place. It is the ‘Year of Souls’. It is a time of divine alignment as Earth will begin to align to Heaven’s divine will and purpose. We are about to see the emergence of the Sent One – it is the year of the Apostles.

The year 2020 will bring the unexpected concerning good and evil – naturally and spiritually. It is a year that all heads of government will be visited by the Spirit of the Lord for the return of the fear of the Lord shall manifest before them, and many souls will come into the Kingdom of God. It is the year that God’s true worshippers shall rise and worship Him regardless of their situations.

Major shaking will take place and a sudden release. A time of movement and shocking shifting. A great release of God’s power and presence. There shall be major earthquakes in diverse places.

It will be the Year of the Manifestation of the Kingdom – a prophetic time (Psalm 81:10). It will be a year of decrees and declarations (Jeremiah 1:5). The Jeremiahs and the Moseses shall come forth.

States and countries not experiencing war must now prepare for war on land, sea, and in the sky. The enemy is about to descend upon those countries that are experiencing peace. This is so because the enemy wants the rich resources within. Laws will be imposed to deal with the evil when they are the ones behind the problem. Prepare for war! Watch out also for trade embargoes. Travellers will become fearful but our faith in God will protect us.

There will be serious attacks launched within the diplomatic corps globally. It is internal and a serious shaking will take place with the potential to affect national economies and relationships. It is during this that many things will come to the forefront that will surprise us all.

There will be more apocalyptic happenings (Revelation 16, Revelation 5, the Book of Daniel). We will see freak storms, hailstones, floods, and fires like never before. Store corn and wheat (Genesis 41: 49). The hurricanes that are inevitable to occur need not to be ignored for the upcoming year. Massive land slippages will take place particularly where houses are being built or where there are major projects. Some of those structures will disappear because of the weather.

Destruction around the world caused by insects will be widespread on food of every kind. Scientists will be confused because they have never experienced anything like it before.

It is the Year of Release and Recovery, where the gospel will be preached unhindered. Knowledge will be released. Bondage will be broken and many will be set free from trouble, obstacles, oppression, debt, hardships, oppressive rule, walls, and prisons. Manipulation, witchcraft and such will be broken. Many high places will come down and unclean lifestyles will be judged (1 Corinthians 3). Yet, if God can find 20, He will not destroy the city. For those who are believing God for large sums of money, He says, “Begin to tithe and I will bless you and increase your businesses according to Malachi 3.”

It is the Year of Restoration, and some of those who were cheated out of their inheritance will get the opportunity to claim it back in 2020. Those who were deemed bastards, forgotten, are about to be remembered. The firstborn will be acknowledged and some will end up with a double portion.

A great wind is blowing, one which will change the course of nature and of time. It will affect nations. It will affect organisations (government and the private sector), international organisations, communities and families. This change will blow suddenly.

This is the Year of PRAYER! Cycles of completeness and reward for those who wait. Jacob waited 20 years before his release and the manifestation of his wife and property (Genesis 31:38-41). Many things will be completed, as it was with Solomon, and much suffering will come to an end.

Jabin oppressed Israel for 20 years before God moved him. This is the year the Deborahs and the Baraks will join together to defeat the spirit of Jabin. There will be great testimonies of God’s love and deliverance. We will see the birth and manifestation of many visions. It is a year where many strongholds, evil altars, oppressive and wicked administrator will crash to the ground. It is a year of being silent no more! It is a time of border expansion and reach. The limitations and barriers will be broken. The Word will be ‘Let my people go!” Pharaoh will be moved.

It is a Year of the Unexpected. We are going to see things happening that we have never seen before. Cast your net again for the Great Catch (Luke 5). A visible sign will take place in the sky and it will cause many to turn to the Lord. Furthermore, a global oil shortage will take place and it will cause an escalation in prices affecting the global economy. Pray for banks worldwide. Some will cause hardships for people. There are some banks that will be investigated and exposed for their business connections with some politicians locally and globally.

Paper currency will lose its value worldwide, giving way to plastic and the bartering/trade of gold. But, the heavier the gold, the greater the value for purchase of land and vehicles.

There are media wars ahead. The Spirit of the Lord is about to deal with the media houses for what they choose to present to the public. A great purging and shaking will take place within the media houses.

It is the Year of Accountability for kings and empires. Many will be dealt with concerning tax evasion. They have made great demands on the poor, the fatherless, and the widow, but they themselves refuse to do it themselves. There have been too many deceptive practices hidden, but they are about to be exposed, and those responsible will be held accountable. Administrations and kings will be defeated and they will have to flee. There will be vacancies in every area of society.

In 2020, a great shift will take place. God is reminding us that He is the one who establishes and removes kings. Those who were at the bottom will rise to the top and many at the top will reach their lowest points. The band of grace that many were under will be removed. The time has come for judgement.

This is the Year of the Family - the year that God will bless the families that are united. It is time for families to forgive, so that God can pour out His blessings. Christian families will have to make some tough choices regarding their children’s education in 2020. Many will compromise things to which they expose their children. However, every choice made in 2020 will be detrimental regarding family. The agendas of private and international organisations will take on a forceful measure, but it will be up to God’s people to stand. Now the sheep will be separated from the goats in the pasture, and the wolves will bare their teeth, which they have kept hidden. God is calling His people to take a stand. Stand we must against all evil. Buckle your spiritual seat belts. We are in for a crucial ride in 2020.

It will be a Year of Redemption and Giving. People will give resources freely in favour of the godly vision. A time of maturity, redemption, ransom, payback (Exodus 30:14). It is the Year of Military Service and Priestly service.

The Year 2020 will be a Year of Replacement. Christian leaders who are not living up to God’s standard of holiness and will not repent and change their lifestyle to live holy lives will be exposed. Hebrews 12:14 says: “Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” God is angry with the wicked every day, but will forgive if they will repent. (Psalm 7: 11)

It is a year of call-outs. It is the year to build the house of God (Leviticus 27: 3, Numbers 1: 3, Exodus 27: 10, Romans 8).


1 A massive drug scandal is looming over Jamaica. It will also involve other Caribbean islands and will expose other operations and cause widespread embarrassment to many. The Lord says, stop that operation now! Look to Him and repent – whoever you are. Your family will suffer and you will lose your dignity.

2 There will be great exposure coming for the politicians who have been defrauding the people. Some will serve prison sentences for their crimes.

3 Pray for the Anglican Church and the health of the head of the Anglican Church in Jamaica, his health, and all the Anglican leadership in Jamaica. Pray also for Lisa Hanna, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, Horace Chang, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, the Vaz family, Christopher Tufton, Audley Shaw, Peter Bunting, Devon Dick, Julian Robinson, Mark Golding, Peter Phillips, Delroy Chuck, Pearnel Charles Sr, K.D. Knight, Phillip Paulwell, Tom Tavares-Finson, Kamina Johnson Smith, and Andrew Holness.

4 Pray that the Government of Jamaica will not collapse before the time. Some will have to resign. Pray also regarding further infighting within the Opposition that will cause further splits and resignations.

5 Tax Administration Jamaica will carry out thorough investigations concerning some politicians within both parties regarding taxation. Many will be exposed, particularly those oppressing the poor.

6 There is trouble at JAMPRO. There is disunity in the ranks. Some are fighting for greater power and will do anything to attain it. This affects its original purpose/intent.

7 Basic and primary schools need greater attention. There is the need to show these little children more love, and more assistance with assignments that will help by setting up an aftercare or day-care programme that will allow them to be placed into higher levels of learning. The Spirit of the Lord says many of them are missing out academically and spiritually at this level, and more can be done by teachers, parents and the Church.

8 The Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica Defence Force need to deploy more personnel because there will be increased drug use and violence within the nation.

9 Sharpen the vetting of police and army recruits because some applicants are counterfeit. The armed forces in Jamaica need to undergo more training for what is coming.

10 More global celebrities will visit Jamaica for its rich heritage, but our people must be vigilant.

11 Something good is going to happen in the parish of Trelawny in the area of tourism as the people rise up.

12 As the people rise up in Hellshire and Port Royal and expand their fish-related businesses, great blessing will come to those there whose diets will become healthier.

13 The sliding of the dollar needs to be curtailed by the Government with urgency, because this will help to make the economy better. The black market is crushing the economy and should be totally eradicated.

14 The Spirit of the Lord says that banks need to increase the interest rates on certificates of deposit, regular chequing, and savings accounts.

15 The health insurance industry has not been giving genuine assistance to the people. Some people have passed on because they had very little coverage to take care of medical bills. Some life insurance companies will also close down because their policies have not assisted with funeral arrangements as they proposed.

16 Bring back the JAMAL concept to Jamaica, particularly for people in the streets who need the attention. The Lord says that it is time to break the cycle. It will help the children on the streets in particular.

17 A hidden and delicate document in Jamaica will be exposed. This has to do with finance surrounding both politicians and the private sector. Someone will fly the lid and expose it. It may cause death, but it will free the nation. The Lord says His people need to pray. The Lord says that what we are looking at is not what we are seeing. Pray!

18 Most of the foods we are getting in the nation are contaminated and poisoned. We need to ask the Lord to consecrate our food. Ask Him also to consecrate the earth. There are chemicals released in the earth, water and air, causing much sickness.

19 The Jamaican athletes for the 2020 Olympics need to be on high alert concerning their eating habits. There will be plots to bring them down. It is vital for each of them to safeguard their personal belongings and stay together as a group.

20 The Jamaican Government needs to have low-income homes built for the homeless, especially families, and proper provision of healthcare for them.

21 The Spirit of the Lord says He is about to expose the oppressors of the poor and deal with them because He has seen the tears and the depression of the people, and as such many have become suicidal.

22 The hospitals in Jamaica need more medical equipment, especially for the treatment of cancer and other known diseases. Otherwise, there are greater problems ahead and more people will die.

23 There are many businesses within the plazas that will be closed because they are no longer able to survive with increased monthly rentals to pay. Pray for small business. Three major companies will also be closing down in Jamaica.

24 We must be careful as a nation, as we advertise that “Jamaica is open for business to all!” This will create great problems ahead, particularly regarding national security. It will also create the environment for a web of espionage and a myriad of problems for the nation. Sovereignty is at stake. Watchmen will be watching watchmen. It may also open the door for sanctions to be levied.

25 The Spirit of the Lord needs the nation’s leaders to truly repent and come before Him with right motives to change and be willing to do as HE instructs them to.

26 The Spirit of the Lord says university and college students need to be given grace periods for the repayment of their student loans. If that is not done, more students will drop out and bring more stress to the nation.

27 The Spirit of the Lord says most of the watchmen within the nation are sleeping, and it is time for them to arise from their slumber to fast, watch, pray and sound the alarm.

28 Affliliates of both major Jamaican political parties are handing out guns, bicycles, chicken back and rice in preparation for votes in the next election.

29 There is a major change coming for the banking industry within Jamaica. Other countries will set up their banks and they will not favour Jamaican workers.

30 Pray for all leaders and members of parliament in Jamaica, as well as the Senate. There is infiltration in the land and it is unknown. God is calling holy and consecrated men and women to come to Parliament and break the curse there so that God can give guidance. Without vision, the people perish! God will reveal all secrets. Nothing is hidden! Jamaica for Jesus!