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She has the ‘mommy’s touch’ – Keeping up with Kerida Samuda-Jones

Published:Sunday | January 26, 2020 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey - Gleaner Writer
Samuda-Jones and her children.
Kerida Samuda-Jones

Have you ever seen mothers who seem to effortlessly wear the hat of motherhood so well, whose actions are so true to form that you think there are step-by-step guidelines to motherhood that they follow?

Kerida Samuda-Jones could easily pass as one of those mothers. With three mini-humans depending on her, Samuda said that it’s not for her to live as it pleases her, but to always keep her children’s welfare at the forefront of her mind.

“My schedule includes time with my three children with my eight-month old demanding the most time, my husband, family, church, and work. When I had my first two children, it was much easier to balance family and work as I had worked from home, with flexible hours. Despite not getting a corporate job after graduating university, I dabbled in every little thing that would bring in even a small income. I helped my late grandfather to manage a family business. I was so invested at the time, that my grandfather told me to open a small grocery shop on the family plaza, which I did. At one point I was making jewellery but quickly realised I was not the creative type,” she said, laughing.

Samuda said that making lemonade with the lemons life throws at her is her specialty and her fight stops only when breath leaves her body.

“Now that my girls are in school and I am working a regular 9-5 job, there is much need for structure. My weekdays are routine, with dropping off my children at school, then heading to work. Some days I have to leave work to attend a PTA or class meeting or simply to take a child to an extra-curricular activity. On weekends, I ensure that we have an outdoor activity, or two, to do after the on-the-go week that we all just had. On Sundays, we all attend church as a family. I must add that I have the help and support of my husband, mother, and my older children’s father on a daily basis. It is true when they say it takes a village.”

Not only has she been a records clerk at the Jamaica Defense Force for the past three years, but Samuda is also involved in the egg industry, among other businesses.

“We currently have 200-layer fowls at home, so we sell fresh eggs daily. I am also involved in a small, soon-to- be huge, family-run business, CBS Stitch. We specialise in creating unique, personalised, embroidered gifts for any and every occasion.”

So when does she really let her hair down?

“I would like to think I don’t have a social life because every activity I am a part of includes children, but honestly, it’s the most fun I have watching my children enjoy themselves. I am an only child, and I have a very close relationship with my mother. So my fun times pretty much always include family, and we always have a grand time together. We all like to explore different parts of Jamaica, and especially that the children may be exposed, so quite a few weekends out of the year we are off to see somewhere new. Occasionally, I will enjoy a night out on the town,” she said, through hearty bouts of laughter

With a bachelor’s degree in social work and a certificate in supervisory management, Samuda says she will continue to pursue her dreams of having an impact on the lives of all children and the elderly.

“I have not given up hope on working with children or the elderly, as per my social work qualifications, but I do see myself continuing to excel at whatever job I am in. I would most definitely like to own a business in the near future, and I will continue to pray on that. I will continue to trust God, and I know that my steps are ordered in Him.”

She ended, “I have learnt that no matter what life throws at you, you have to trust in God, and He will always find a way for you. I tell myself that getting knocked down in life is a given, but getting up and moving forward is a choice.”