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Clarendon Church has impact on Denham Town

Published:Sunday | February 16, 2020 | 12:14 AM
Pastor of the Miracle Tabernacle Free Town Churhc of God of Prophecy Rev Dr Zebulah Aiken
Pastor of the Miracle Tabernacle Free Town Churhc of God of Prophecy Rev Dr Zebulah Aiken

Recently, members from the Miracle Tabernacle Free Town Church of God of Prophecy in Clarendon invaded the troubled community of Denham Town at the request of citizens there.

Pilmar Powell, a member of the church who is a detective inspector of police had started a Youth Transformation Initiative at the Kingston and St Andrew Joint Post Detention Centre, situated in West Kingston. She was approached by two residents from Denham Town last November, who asked her about her home church. She asked them why they wanted to know.

“They responded by saying, ‘we are collecting offering and want your pastor to pray for our community’. These were people from the Easy Scream Family,” she said, admitting that she was taken aback, but there was also an overwhelming bubble of joy within her.

Powell said she immediately contacted her pastor, Rev Dr Zebulah Aiken about the request.

Aiken did not hesitate, but quickly agreed to the request, which materialised with her being supported by some members from the church.

Residents from Denham Town gathered at the community park and engaged in an evening of praise and worship. A solid message on Choose Life was delivered by Rev Aiken as she encouraged the resident to be careful of the company they keep and who they take information from.

At the end of the service when the altar call was made, several members from the community indicated that they were ready to give their lives to the Lord.

One resident said, “It is more than a gift to leave Clarendon and come to pray with us.”

The church has been requested to return to another section of the community and according to Powell, since the service, residents are still talking about how blessed they were.

Cecelia Campbell-Livingston