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Gateway responds to municipal corporation COVID-19 request

Published:Wednesday | May 20, 2020 | 12:17 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer


At least one business entity in Lucea, Hanover, has responded to the Hanover Municipal Corporation (HMC), which recently raised concerns about customers congregating on the outside of business places and not obeying the social-distancing protocol designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Gateway Co-operative Credit Union has written to the HMC, acknowledging receipt of the HMC’s letter of concern about its customers showing an apparent disregard for social distancing as they wait on the outside to enter the establishment. The entity said it will be taking steps to encourage compliance.

David Gardner, chief executive officer of the HMC, had informed The Gleaner that letters were sent to several businesses in the town of Lucea, including banks, credit unions and money-transfer companies, expressing concern about the gathering of their customers on the outside of the establishments during business hours, with no social-distancing protocols being observed.

“We have written to all of them to say, while we are pleased with the fact that they are controlling what is happening on the inside, we are very concerned about what we are seeing on the outside,” Gardner told The Gleaner.


At the recent monthly meeting of the corporation, Gardener read a letter he received from Jennifer Taylor Wilson, a top official of the Gateway Co-operative Credit Union, stating that they stand ready to work with the authorities to ensure that Hanover remains COVID-19 free.

“We have marked the grounds on the interior and exterior of the offices to facilitate social distancing, Also, we have employed additional security guards who ensure that masks are worn both inside and outside, as well as to ensure that social distancing is being adhered to,” the letter stated. “Police officers and soldiers also assist on the outside with the maintaining of social distancing from time to time.”

Lucea Mayor Sheridan Samuels, who is also chairman of the HMC, on hearing the response letter, expressed pleasure with the credit union, but was dissatisfied with other entities, such as the Western Union outlet, that are still having large crowds on the outside.

“We need to do some further follow-up with the business entities that are operating contrary to the social-distancing rules,” said Samuels. “The HMC will be distributing face masks throughout the town of Lucea, and across the parish in general. We have enough masks and we want to ensure that persons get a mask and wear it.”