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Tivoli incursion - Ten Years On | Rudolph Brown: Gunshots whistling past us

Published:Friday | May 29, 2020 | 12:00 AM
No sooner had this man left the Kingston Public Hospital after being treated for asthma than he returned nursing a gunshot wound. He was reportedly caught in a crossfire between Jamaica Defence Force soldiers and gunmen in west Kingston.
Porters take a young man who had sustained gunshot wounds to the shoulder to the Accident and Emergency Department at KPH.
Soldiers tend to an injured colleague at the Kingston waterfront on Monday, May 24, 2010.

I can remember when the Tivoli incursion start ... . I went down by Ocean Boulevard. We heard that the soldiers were taking up positions to enter Tivoli. ... After they went in, I start to hear a lot of explosions, like bombs dropping. Soldiers were rushing in and were rushing out. I remember one of those military vans, those open-back vans, with some soldiers in there, and one soldier got shot. They were taking him to the hospital.

... There was a plane overhead flying, assisting them covering the grounds of Tivoli. It was just bare gunshots. Gunshots right through.

... The following day, I went back out with a team from TVJ, The Gleaner, and some other media and went on Spanish Town Road, in front of the May Pen Cemetery. Some guys blocked the road with a van. The guys were there firing gunshots. Gunshots whistling past us.

... A few days later, I remember touring the place with the people locked down. I remember I went into a house with bloodstains.

... The people came out crying for help.