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JNSBL opens new locations in Clarendon, St Elizabeth

Published:Friday | July 31, 2020 | 12:10 AM

As part of its strategic objective to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs across Jamaica, JN Small Business Loans (JNSBL) has opened two new locations in the parishes of Clarendon and St Elizabeth.

The locations, situated in Junction, St Elizabeth, and Frankfield, Clarendon, are part of the company’s strategic move to provide financial services in underserved areas, while enabling members in the micro, small and medium enterprises sector in rural Jamaica to have access to additional funding for their operations.

Junction is a part of Region 9, which comprises locations in St Elizabeth, while Frankfield falls within the aegis of Region 3, which is made up of offices in Clarendon.

Thelma Yong, deputy general manager, JNSBL, said that “over the years, we have been expanding our locations across the country, to serve our customers and unlock entrepreneurship in areas such as agriculture, retail and manufacturing. Therefore, our increased presence in both parishes is part of our efforts to provide financing for entrepreneurs, while increasing economic activity in the communities where we have established new operations”.

She also pointed out that the new Junction office replaces the previous one in the town, while the Frankfield outlet brings the total number of JNSBL locations to 31.


Delroy Foster, head of regional credit sales and operations, JNSBL, explained that the Frankfield location also formed a part of the loan company’s thrust to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs in underserved areas in rural Jamaica.

“Over the years, Frankfield has been one of the areas in which many of the entrepreneurs were in need of our assistance, but the area remained underserved in terms of financial services,” Foster explained.

“We thought it would be beneficial to our clients, and residents of Frankfield and surrounding areas, if we were able to have a location there to assist them.

This new location will ensure that we are able to assist farmers, retailers and other entrepreneurs who need funding to expand their businesses,” he stated.

Mrs Janice Nugent-Williams, client relations manager, JNSBL Region 9, explained that the new location would also benefit farmers and micro-entrepreneurs in Junction.