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Jamaica Progressive Party candidate helps Clarendon mother of three

Published:Saturday | August 8, 2020 | 12:17 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Cara Campbell-Ellis accepts a donation from Valdano Dunbar of the Jamaica Progressive Party.
Cara Campbell-Ellis accepts a donation from Valdano Dunbar of the Jamaica Progressive Party.

Cara Campbell-Ellis of Danks, Sangster’s Heights, Clarendon, has a heart filled with gratitude, so much so that she cannot contain her happiness. On August 3, her story was published in The Gleaner, highlighting her despair in not being able to begin the process of sending her children to school in September.

Now, an overjoyed Campbell-Ellis shared with The Gleaner that the intervention of a husband-and-wife team has totally changed her situation.

“I don’t know what I would have done without their assistance. It was a blessing and a honour to meet them, and I appreciate what they have done ... . It is also a rewarding of my faith, because I know God would come through somehow,” were her words.

After reading Campbell-Ellis’ story in The Gleaner, Valdano Dunbar, of the newly formed Jamaica Progressive Party, and his team, which includes his wife, T’Sheena Dunbar, paid a visit to Campbell-Ellis Tuesday evening.

Commenting on his desire to help, Campbell-Ellis said the story of her being a single mother raising three children who had already been suffering pulled at his heartstrings.

“Having to buy water several times for the month and still not being able to get help from her family, community, councillor, or member of parliament is a story that is too common within our society,” Dunbar said.

“We received help to be in a better place today, and we felt compelled to act, as servants of God, and help in our own little way,” he said about the ‘little’ help, which comprises a school voucher valued at $25,000, redeemable for books and school supplies; a 1,000-gallon tank with a few months’ supply of water; and one month of grocery supplies for the family of five.

Dunbar, who offered his assistance through the Jamaica Progressive Party, said that we should all be our brothers’ keepers in offering strength and love in the place of ridicule and oppression.

“We cannot grow as a society, and our potential is indefinitely capped, until we can raise the living conditions of the poorest among us and raise them to standards we expect from a progressive society,” he said.

A thankful Campbell-Ellis said she was heartened by the fact that they promised to stay in touch with her.