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Free at last! - Christian influencer helps persons overcome homosexuality

Published:Sunday | August 9, 2020 | 12:08 AMShanna Monteith - Sunday Gleaner Writer

Christian influencer Amoy Lawrence.
Christian influencer Amoy Lawrence.

Heeding the direct instructions of God, Christian influencer Amoy Lawrence, who goes by the moniker The Anointed Writer, boldly hosted a conference exclusively tackling homosexuality and same-sex attractions within the Church and the trauma that often leads people into this lifestyle.

No stranger with said ordeals, Lawrence has, in the past, shared her own account of how she was delivered from the LGBTQ community after spending some time participating in the activities of the group.

The now ardent ambassador for God is on a mission to ensure that others, like her, will find the strength, through Christ, to overcome the sexual perversion as described as ungodly in the Bible.

Let’s Talk About It, as the event is called, happened on Saturday, July 4, and saw several persons – some of whom were doing so openly for the very first time – admitting that they struggled with homosexuality.


The Anointed Writer told Family and Religion that the aim of the event was to help persons identify areas of unhealed trauma that they had experienced, identify how this unhealed trauma led to behaviour changes like indulging in homosexuality or same-sex attraction, and provide them with the tools to heal and move forward to live a fulfilling, committed life in Christ.

“The most memorable moment definitely had to be the question-and-answer segment that came after the panel discussion. Persons shared their most sacred secrets of experiences with molestation, abandonment, and pain you could ever imagine. Expert advice was given by one of the guests, behaviour specialist Geraldine Garwood. It was a well of healing in the room. Persons finally cried tears they have held back for years and received what they needed to be free,” she shared.

There were testimonies of persons accepting Christ as their personal Saviour at the event.


Lawrence shared: “One person even got baptised this past week. Other guests said that the event was just what they needed, especially in these times. Overall, persons were grateful for a secure space to talk and not worry about being judged and looked down upon. There really is no space to talk about issues with homosexuality and/or same-sex attraction in the Church. Many have tried and were cast aside while others were too afraid to even try.”

In addition to the behaviour specialist and Lawrence, who shared her personal experience, the one-day deliverance seminar featured talks from counsellors, pastors, and additional testimonies from those who had overcome same-sex attraction.