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In-form Editor aims at Indian Flame

Published:Thursday | November 19, 2020 | 12:17 AM

NOVEMBER’s joint ‘Most Wins’ leader, The Editor, started Saturday’s Reggae 6 with a bang, using three selections including 15-1 stunner, STRIKE AT WILL, to keep his longshot reputation intact as he challenges Indian Flame atop the monthly wins standings.

An unlikely challenger for the monthly ‘Most Wins’ category, The Editor appears intent on denying Indian Flame an October-November double, rallying with seven wins at the weekend, three on Friday and a good closing spell on Saturday’s 10-race card, spotting four of the day’s last five winners.

Eyeballing Indian Flame on 14 wins apiece, The Editor has given himself enough room on Saturday’s 11-race card, differing in six events with three meets to decide November’s winner of the $10,000 monthly prize.

Meanwhile, not even a compilation of the tipster’ Reggae 6 selections, which included The Editor’s STRIKE AT WILL and Jimmie’s GO DEH GIRL in the following event, could keep out 15-1 stinger, KILLER BEE, from crashing all wagers on Saturday in the guaranteed $2m single-winning ticket pot.

In Saturday’s Twilight 6, which returned $29,042 to 89 winning tickets, The Clockman and Shaggy were both floored by GOD OF LOVE. Shaggy banked SIR ALTON on his $1,800 wager whereas The Clockman incredibly omitted GOD OF LOVE from two selections on his $480 wager.

Though he started November slow, seemingly not relishing the underfoot conditions, better weather at the weekend resulted in The Clockman picking up the pace with eight winners to creep down two off the lead, joint third on 12 wins with Rookie, suggesting he will be dangerous with three meets to decide November.