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“Pay for it or lose it”…NWC massive disconnection drive now in effect

Published:Monday | December 14, 2020 | 1:18 PM

The National Water Commission (NWC) says it has started enforcing a massive and widespread disconnection drive to collect outstanding payments from customers who have arrears with the utility company.

Having facilitated write-off arrangements earlier this year with fewer than 10,000 customers taking up these offers, the NWC says it is now declaring that it will not be business as usual, going forward.

Over 100 communities across the island are being targeted in the new aggressive disconnection drive.

Delinquent customers are being warned to pay for it or lose it.

During the week of December 14, customers in the following listed communities are scheduled for disconnections:

St Thomas: Red Hills Pen Housing Scheme, Morant Bay, Lyssons/Retreat, Whitehorses/Pamphret/Botany Bay, Yallahs, Albion/Cheswick/Dalvey, York, Alexander Park, Prospect, Whitehall, Stokes Hall, Hampton Court, Arcadia, Port Morant

Hanover: Sandy Bay, Green Island, Cousins Cove, Orange Bay and surround areas. Fish River Road, Santoy, Logwood and surrounding areas

Westmoreland: Grange Hill and surrounding areas, Truro, Burnt Savannah, Top Lincoln, Sterling, Llandillo and surrounding areas, Sheffield, Orange Hill, Whitehouse, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Housing Scheme

Manchester: Prospect, Downs, Alligator Pond, Wales, Newport, Victoria Town, Pusey Hill, Porus, Comfort, Broadleaf, Redberry, Coffee Grove, Newforest, Sea Air Grey Ground, Three Chain, Heartease, Royal Flat, Cedar Grove, Hillside, Albion, Knockpatrick, May Day,Greenvale, Huntley, Mike Town, Coleyville, Azan Lane, Job Lane, Bronte, George North, Chudleigh, Brockery, Lower Christiana

St Elizabeth: Junction, Chocolate Hole, Dunder Hill, Comma Pen, Cheapside, Content, Exton, Bull Savannah, Thatch Walk, Malvern, Buena Vista, Myersville, Middlequarters, Point, Cragie, Crawford, Fyffees Pen, Speculation, Brompton, Cambridge, Cotterwood, Sandy Ground, Fustic Grove, Newcombe Valley, Flagaman, Hopewell, Brucefield, Knoxwood, Burnt Savannah, Parklee, Bigwoods, Stonefield, Barbary Hall, Newell, Back Flagaman, Bluntas, Billy's Bay, Treasure Beach, Thornton, Aberdeen, Balaclava, Lacovia, Newton, Maggotty, Breas River, Bogue, Elim, Union, Content, Evergreen, Comfort Hall, Goshen, Phantiland, Pepper, Seven Corners, Leeds, Northampton, Southampton, Coffee Lane, Burton, Pound Hill

St Mary: Port Maria and environs, Boscobel, Oracabessa, Highgate, Annotto Bay

Portland: Port Antonio and environs, Manchioneal, Long Road, Buff Bay, Woodstock

Meanwhile, the NWC is reminding customers that non-payment of their bills could affect their credit ratings. As of December 1, 2020, the company is empowered by law to provide credit information on its customers if such information is requested by business entities.

Customers with outstanding balances are being encouraged to pay up in full to avoid being without water supply during the holiday season.

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