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Woman power: Nadine Sinclair heals the world with positivity

Published:Sunday | January 10, 2021 | 12:09 AMTamara Bailey - Sunday Gleaner writer
Mindfulness coach Nadine Sinclair.
Mindfulness coach Nadine Sinclair.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds …. Claim and consciously use your power.”

– Louise L. Hay

All, even unknowingly, Nadine Sinclair’s purpose has been centred around creating pathways to increase creativity, learning and embracing growth, not just for herself but for others.

It is not a talent she developed, but it was a gift she was blessed with; to see beyond what is average and find the exceptional in the ordinary.

As a mindfulness coach with her company GO BOLD Coaching, Sinclair’s primary focus is to offer entrepreneur’s an introspective journey into self-awareness to propel Inspired Action for a life of wellness, freedom and a successful purpose-driven life and business.

“I create a safe space for persons to share and take a deep dive into their hearts desires and mindset, guiding them to open pathways to finding their gifts and talents and live the life of their dreams.

Long before it was called coaching, Sinclair, who has a background in human resources and payroll administration, was sought out by persons for guidance, direction and support. And while it took her 10 years to see the magic others saw in her, everything aligned beautifully.

“I was blocking my God-given gifts and talents. When I surrendered, it no longer seemed like ‘work’ but more of a passion. I let go and allowed God to do His work, His magic. About five years ago, I decided to pursue my passion. I knew I had to stop playing small, it no longer served me or the world. It took a year of being still, which enabled me to get clarity around my vision. I am grateful.”

As a regional coordinator of The JMMB Foundation national project Conversations for Greatness, chairperson for the Manchester Wellness Foundation, and outreach lead for Caribbean NGO SheLeadsIT, Sinclair leads a busy life.

“My day starts as early as 4 a.m. I hear God speaking to me and guiding me on a path to the next right move. After my conversations with God, I usually start journalling and being with complete gratitude for my day and the opportunity to serve. Each day, the way in which I serve may look different, but I am guided by who I am being. I start my daily exercise routine with one of my neighbours and, when I prepare for my coaching clients (group and one-on-one coaching) sessions, team meetings, workshops etc., each day is different and unique, which is just how I love it.”

But every sacrifice made becomes rewarding when this powerhouse sees changes in a life she would have been so blessed to touch.

“Seeing my client’s eyes light up, them having an ‘ah ha’ moment or breakthrough in their life and stepping out in their purpose and sharing in their successes, is fulfilling,” she told Family and Religion.

Sinclair credits her success to her supportive family and her intentional efforts to create an environment that is conducive for thriving.

“My family is everything to me. I have a loving husband and two fabulous boys. They support every aspect of my journey, they provide the foundation for everything I do in my life and business,” said Sinclair.

Certainly, even for the most optimistic person, life can be filled with potholes that threaten to derail you, but Sinclair says that is when you have to refocus and re-evaluate.

“Twenty-twenty was historical; there were so many lessons for me. Twenty members of my family got COVID and recovered. My mother was admitted into hospital in Florida – the day after Jamaica locked its borders. One of my best friends and brother from another mother passed because of COVID. He was admitted on Thursday and by Sunday he passed away.”

She continued: “Then it dawned on me what I do for a living. I got still, allowed myself time to listen to my inner voice, then I got into inspired action. I thank God for my community, my tribe, I reached out to them and they reminded me of the tools we share, the language that we use. I am not locked at home, I am safe at home with a loving husband who wants to take care of me. Life really is simple. Unfortunately, as human beings, we complicate it with our language, thoughts and overthinking, – which usually causes us to not take action, to freeze, panic and doubt ourselves.

As a believer in the power of language and how critical it is to how we create our lives and handle situations, Sinclair remains powered by intentional living.

“If you remember nothing else, please remember to take time for yourself, create your community, make sure it’s persons who love you for you – will lovingly give you feedback and stretch you for your growth and development – they want the best for you. Ask for guidance and support and release,” said Sinclair.

“My hope for 2021 is for all of us to look beyond what appears to be adversity and unlock the opportunities for growth and development. My vision is to leave each person I meet touched, moved and inspired. I believe each person impacts the world and I feel strongly that God has placed me here to serve and do His work.”