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Cop acquitted of manslaughter after 12 years

Published:Monday | January 25, 2021 | 12:09 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer

Cross Keys, Manchester

A police corporal continues to breathe sighs of relief following his acquittal of a manslaughter charge laid on him in 2009.

Corporal Wavel Hyman, who was at the time of the incident attached to the Cross Keys Police Station, was tried on January 15 in the Manchester Circuit court and set free by Justice Chester Stamp.

“He was tried for manslaughter. A no-case submission was made and it was upheld. He was freed after 12 years,” said the cop’s attorney, Marcus Greenwood

Reports are that on Saturday, January 8, 2009, Hyman and three of his colleagues responded to a report of loud noise at a party in Salmon Town district, south Manchester.

It is reported that the police heard explosions like that of gunshots coming from inside the venue and subsequently instructed the selector to turn off the music. The

gunshots were allegedly gun salutes by other policemen, who were patrons at the party.

As a result of the music being turned off, patrons became irate and a fight broke out, at which point Hyman intervened.

The report is that Hyman’s firearm went off and the crowd attacked the police on duty, who subsequently had to flee the scene.

It was later discovered that a 41-year-old farmer, Errol Allen, of Southfield, St Elizabeth, was shot and another man injured. They were both taken to hospital where Allen was pronounced dead.

Greenwood said his client is happy that he can now truly put this episode behind him and move on with his life.

“My client was very emotional after the trial; he cried. He is just looking forward to getting back to work and getting on with his life.”