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Hanover PDC on track to elect a new executive

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2021 | 12:24 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer


EFFORTS BY the Social Development Commission (SDC) in Hanover to reorganise and re-energise its parish development committee (PDC) are now at an advanced stage, as a slate of eight persons have been nominated to face delegates from the community development committees (CDC) and other stakeholder groups on February 23, in their quest to lead the organisation.

The nomination exercise for the organisation’s seven executive positions closed on January 21 with nominations tendered for six of the seven positions. It is not known if the SDC will be taking nominations from the floor on the election day for the one post for which there was no nomination.

Presidential Nominees

Five persons were nominated for the post of president; four for the post of vice-president youth relations; one for secretary; one for assistant secretary; two for treasurer and two for public relations officer. The post of vice-president for parish relations did not receive a nomination.

Those nominated to vie for the post of president are: Leonard Sharpe, of the Cauldwell CDC; Petra Vernon-Foster, of the Hopewell CDC; Christeen Hooper-Johnson, of the Cacoon CDC; Floyd Grant, of the March Town CDC; and Lynford-Marisko McIntosh, of the Lucea Development Initiative.

The persons nominated for the post of vice-president youth relations are; Javon Patterson, of the Lucea CDC; Dakota Stewart, of the Cacoon CDC; Ricardo Fairman, of Great Valley CDC; and Leonard Sharp, of Cauldwell CDC.

Shane Reid of Junior Chamber International Hopewell, and Shantal Williams of the March Town CDC, were the only nominations for secretary and assistant secretary. The nominees for public relations officer are Sheldon Thomas, of Lucea CDC; and Navardo Forrester, of Rock Spring CDC. Edmond Cowan, of Sandy Bay CDC; and Michael Pennycooke, of Haddington CDC, were nominated for the post of treasurer.

Checks by The Gleaner have revealed that approximately 39 organisations are eligible to send one representative to participate in the election process. The election will be held at the SDC Parish Office on Watson Taylor Drive in Lucea.

The CDCs across the parish have revealed that they are all eager for the election as the PDC has been inactive for almost one year, following the resignation of three executive members just months into their two-year term of office, which started in June 2019.