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Footballer facing cop assault charges for court today

Published:Friday | February 5, 2021 | 12:09 AMRasbert Turner/Gleaner Writer

National footballer Corey Burke, who is facing charges of assaulting a constable, is to appear in the St Catherine Parish Court today, where his case is set for mention.

On Tuesday, when his matter was called, the absence of a case file irked Parish Judge Desiree Alleyne, who requested that the chief detective give an account.

“I cannot understand why on so many occasions, the police arrested and charged persons yet no files. I just can’t understand what is happening. Can you imagine for those who cannot afford a lawyer?” the judge said. “This is not right, as this man has being here since morning and still no file.”

Attorney-at-law Denieve Barnett also lamented that her client’s contractual obligations were being threatened by the police’s ineptitude.

“Your Honour, what the police are doing is likely to hurt my client, who plays football professionally in the United States of America,” Barnett said. “Your Honour, I am applying for an extension of his bail until Friday. This case allegedly occurred on January 20, 2021. Therefore, even a statement should have been sent to court.”

Crime chief for the St Catherine North Police Division, Inspector Balvin Thomas, apologised to the court.

“I have asked that matters of this nature be reported to me and an investigation will be done. I am aware that the registry is yet to receive the file. We will complete and vet the file and summon the accused. This will be given priority treatment,” he said.

Judge Alleyne then ruled that the file must be completed and placed before the court today and extended Burke’s $100,000 bail.

Burke’s appearance in court arose from an incident along King Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

Allegations are that on the day in question, the police went to bring an end to a party being held in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act lock-off time.

Upon their arrival about 10:30 p.m., a number of persons were reportedly observed frolicking and were warned and they left the venue, but Burke remained.

He was reportedly accosted, during which time the police said that he assaulted an officer and resisted arrest as he hurled abuse at the cops.

He managed to elude the police and left the venue but was arrested and charged later after he turned himself in with the assistance of a clergyman.