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Immigration Corner | Canada invites 27,332 persons to apply for permanent residence

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2021 | 12:10 AM

Dear Ms Powell,

Is the Express Entry System the only way to get to live in Canada? That system seems to be very difficult, as I hear many people say they applied and did not get through. I have the money to be able to sponsor myself and my family. Is there a specific occupation and age limit that is being accepted? I want to know the best way to move to Canada. Please help.

– GW

Dear GW,

The Express Entry System is not the only way to get to live permanently in Canada. There are over 80 economic programmes that can be utilised by individuals, based on their background and qualifications. However, the Express Entry System is the most utilised method by individuals who are interested in self-sponsorship.

The Express Entry System is an electronic mechanism used to manage the existing economic programmes, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skilled Trade Programme, The Canadian Experience Class, and some of the Provincial Nominee Programmes.

Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) awards points to individuals who confirm an interest in coming to Canada after they have created a profile on their system. Applicants are then given a score based on core human capital, skill transferability, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, as well as considerations such as family ties and receipt of provincial nomination from a province or territory. Based on these factors, a score is given, and individuals are placed in a pool of applicants based on the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Since January 2015, IRCC has been making random selection from the pool of candidates and granting them an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. The system is not difficult. You just need to put forward your best application, as you never know where your luck will take you.


There is no specific occupation or age limit of who can enter the pool. However, individuals will first need to have proof of their education and language ability before their application will be considered. Individuals are generally selected based on IRCC’s view of the applicant’s ability to contribute to the Canadian economy and do well.

In fact, in the most recent selection from the pool of candidates, it was obvious that Canada is committed to increasing the number of persons that are selected to live permanently in Canada. For the first time since 2015, the government issued a total of 27,332 invitation to apply for permanent residence. This is more than five times the normal number.

It shows that Canada is committed to sticking to its immigration targets for 2021. The government has a target of over 400,000 new immigrants for 2021 and is set to increase the numbers next year.

Since the pandemic, the government of Canada has come up with innovative ways to strengthen the economy, and immigration is part of the strategy. They have always used the programmes managed by the Express Entry System as a tool to select immigrants who contribute significantly to the Canadian economy.

Therefore, if you have the education, work experience and the finances, I say go for your dreams, as Canada is still accepting applications from people who are looking to self-sponsor, study, sponsor family members, or those who have the finances to invest in the Canadian economy. The key is to ensure that you are armed with accurate information on the programme that is best for you.

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