Sat | Jul 24, 2021

Quo Vadis? - Where are you going?

Published:Sunday | February 28, 2021 | 12:06 AM
Crucifixion by John of the Cross.
Crucifixion by John of the Cross.

A Poem by Rev Fr Thomas Dynetius

Wandering though the arid land

Searching for a shelter

From the scorching sun’s fiery darts,

I struggle, stumble, sluggishly move

To yonder shade of water and shelter,

Alas, to find a mirage, the nature’s cruelty.

Fuming through the suffocating heat,

My heart cries out in utter despair:

“Where are You, O Mighty One,

Where is Thy Countenance of Mercy,

Thy Promise, Thy Glory,

The remedy to my parched soul?”

Down on my knees, not in devotion

But through weakness, strength ebbing away

Eyes dimming, I yield to human frailty,

Awaiting death’s tentacles to embrace.

“Not the end,” I heard Him say, “arise,

Let us be going yonder to the Promised Land!”

The cross I see, to Calvary He leads,

To the Altar of Love, the stage of divine drama:

“Lose thyself in me,” I hear the mandate,

“Stop running away, for life I bring,

Hidden within My sacred piercing

Shelter from the heat,” He said.

Not a mirage, I sense, Love’s true self,

Standing before me He beckons on:

“Come, be My shade to those wandering souls

in the dreary land of exile, of pain and rejection.”

“Can you be My Love,” He asked,

and yielding His spirit, He died.