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Immigration Corner | Businessman wants to move to Canada

Published:Tuesday | March 2, 2021 | 12:09 AM
Deidre S. Powell
Deidre S. Powell

Dear Miss Powell,

I ’m a successful businessman with a significant net worth. I am married with three children and would like to move my family to Canada. Is there a way that I can get to live in Canada? I want to ensure that my children grow up in a safe society with the opportunity to learn other languages and attend university. What are my options? Looking forward to your response in The Gleaner.

– A.B.

Dear A.B.,

As a successful businessman who is interested in moving to Canada, you should be pleased to know that there are several pathways to living permanently in Canada. Canada’s Business Class Immigration programmes aim to attract individuals from around the world who can contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy.


There are several programmes available at the provincial and federal level. Individuals with legitimate sources of income, who have the venture capital, entrepreneurial skills and education are encouraged to book a telephone meeting with an immigration lawyer to find out which programme is best based on your unique skill set and interests.

I will, however, highlight some of the key factors to consider. The first is the amount of money available for investment and your overall net worth. Each province has a different programme, such as the entrepreneur, self-employed and the start-up visa programmes. These programmes require expert know-how and your full participation in the business. That means you must have the resources and business acumen to operate a successful business in Canada and meet other requirements.

Many individuals such as athletes and cultural performers have been able to get permanent residence by demonstrating that they are able to make a valuable contribution in Canada. Self-employed individuals who are well established in their field of expertise such as in agriculture, athletics, music, arts, and culture, can apply to the Federal or Quebec self-employed programmes. This usually requires a minimum net worth of approximately CDN$100,000.


One of the most popular routes for investors is via the provincial nominee programme. Most provinces have programmes available to attract investors under their entrepreneur stream. Provinces such as Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta have a Self-Employed Farmer Stream that stipulates a minimum of approximately CDN$500,000 for investment in a farming business.

You should explore the North West Territories Nominee Programme, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, and Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme under the entrepreneur category.

Since you mentioned learning other languages, you may consider the province of Quebec, as it is predominantly French speaking.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor programme allows individuals to get permanent residence by investing approximately CDN$1.2 million in an approved Canadian business. Your investment is guaranteed by the Quebec government and is a programme that can help you and your family to become permanent residents in Canada. This programme is not always open, but it is expected to become available this year.

You should also watch for when the Quebec entrepreneur programmes re-open as the minimum net worth was CDN$900,000 in the last intake that was closed in September 2020.


There may be other options for you and your family to become a permanent resident and then establishing your business. You may be eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, Federal Skilled Trades Programme or Canadian Experienced Class, which is managed by the express entry system. Under this programme, individuals could receive permanent residence within six-12 months.

To qualify under any of the programmes listed above, including the entrepreneur stream and provincial nominee programmes, you will need to provide proof of language skills, education, work experience and other factors such as age and family connection, in Canada, if any. You must also be able to pass the medical and security checks.

This information is just to help you to start a conversation with an authorised Canadian immigration lawyer. You may book a Zoom/telephone meeting via www.deidrepowell.com so that we can discuss the various factors to consider and provide you with a more personalised immigration plan.

Deidre S. Powell is an immigration lawyer, mediator and notary public with an office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Submit your questions and comments to info@deidrepowell.com or call 613.695.8777. You can also find her at www.deidrepowell.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.