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View the American experience as a dream, not a nightmare – Jamaica-born vice-chair

Published:Saturday | March 6, 2021 | 12:17 AMLester Hinds/Gleaner Writer

The Jamaican and Caribbean community in Florida could see more focus on organisation and the infusion of resources, if the new vice-chair of the Florida Democratic Party, Jamaica-born Reverend Dr Karen Green, has her way.

Green, in an interview with The Gleaner, acknowledged that the Jamaican and Caribbean communities in Florida are organised and do participate in the political process on the local level, but believes that there is more involvement for the community in the political process.

“We have a number of Jamaicans elected to offices at the municipal level, but my role is to make sure to see that this demographic is incorporated into the leadership of the party at various levels,” she said.

Regarding resources, Green said that this will be needed within the community.

“We need to use all platforms to expand the interest of our people. We need to ensure that people see the American experience as one of a dream and not a nightmare,” she said.

Green pointed to the various media platforms within the Jamaican/Caribbean community in Florida that can help to advocate the cause of every Jamaican in the state.

“We need to advance the cause of every Jamaican,” she said.

Speaking specifically about the Haitian community, the Dems politician acknowledged that a significant number of Haitians voted for the Republican candidates in the 2020 elections, noting that better outreach needs to be made to this community to get the democratic party’s message into the community.

To this end, she sees a need for unity within the various areas of the Caribbean community in Florida.

Green plans to undertake a unity initiative to expand membership within the Democratic Party of Florida and create a path to succession.

Prior areas for Green as she reaches out to the Caribbean community include immigration, healthcare, business opportunities, partnership alliances and education.


“This (position) provides me with the opportunity to apply my experiences, knowledge and successes to bring inclusion into the democratic process. My outreach will be to women who are critical pieces of the Democratic Party, if we are to make significant strides in Florida,” she said.

“We have to find a way to educate and build alliances. We have to find issues that will make voters see us as more electable,” she said.

Green also believes that faith-based outreach must be a part of the Democratic party’s strategy.

A respected political strategist, party activist and social justice advocate, mediator and humanitarian, the Jamaican brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new task as she, along with the other members of her leadership team, seeks to transform the Florida political landscape into a Democratic Party’s bastion.

Green feels that her consistent and demonstrated leadership in addressing such issues as securing civil liberties for immigrants and minority communities, women’s rights, youth development and religious freedoms will aid her in her new role.