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Vaccination roll-out … what you need to know

Published:Wednesday | March 10, 2021 | 10:18 AM
Public health nurse Marcia Thomas Yettman giving a thumbs up after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at the Good Samaritan Inn in Kingston on March 10, 2021. She was the first person in Jamaica to get the jab - Ian Allen photo.

Jamaica’s long-awaited COVID-19 vaccination programme began today.

Some 3,280 frontline healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are targeted for inoculation today across the four regional health authorities.

The health ministry had previously indicated that an estimated 16,000 health workers have expressed an interest in receiving the vaccine.

Jamaica on Monday received 50,000 doses of vaccines from India.

The vaccination programme is being rolled out in phases over the next few weeks and months to come.

Here is more information:

Later in the month, and after the vaccination of medical and health personnel would have already begun, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force along with persons in the 60 and older age group will gain access to vaccines.

This will account for the supplies projected to be received in March.

In April, as additional stocks arrive, vaccination of the 60 and older age group will continue with the addition of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Department of Correctional Services, Jamaica Customs Agency and Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency and workers in educational institutions at the Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Levels.

The Government has also included a category of public sector workers who interface directly with the public in the course of service delivery. These would include our cashiers, customer service agents, transport inspectors, JUTC bus drivers and conductors, case officers and other such personnel.

This group is approximately 5,000 persons.

Government officials, to include Members of Parliament, the Judiciary, Parish Councillors, senior civil servants and senior technical officers numbering 599 persons will gain access to vaccines after the priority groups listed above.

Persons in this group who are aged 60 and older with comorbidities may seek to get vaccinated with the general pool of age 60 and older.

Phase One Priority

* Healthcare Workers -15,987
* The Elderly 60 years and over – 174,987
* Jamaica Defence Force – 10,046
* Jamaica Fire Brigade – 4,000
* Jamaica Constabulary Force – 15,021
* Government Officials – 5,599
* Persons who work in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education Institutions – 11,832
* Department of Correctional Services – 9,667
* Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency – 650

Total – 247,789

Phase Two (essential for economic activity)

* Other public sector workers – 71,500
* Hotel workers- 175,500
* Transport sector – 56,550
* Manufacturing sector – 82,550
* Banking sector – 56,550
* Agricultural sector – 67,250

Total – 509,900

Phase Three

* General population 1 – 32,350
* General population 2 – 126,500
* General population 3 – 156,500
* General population 4 – 228,000
* General population 5 – 71,500
* General population 6 – 74,400
* General population 7 – 74,000
* General population 8 – 156,500

Total – 919,350

Appointment System

The health ministry had said that a public call will be made for persons to make an appointment based on their priority group.

Persons should apply for an appointment five days before their desired date.

Appointment information

Persons will be required to provide:

*Date of Birth
*Area of Work
*Venue for Vaccination
*Telephone Number

How to make an appointment

* MOH call centre – 1-888- 663-5683
* Call any parish health department
* Appointments can be made on the websites of MOH or regional health authorities.
* Visit any health department

A daily vaccination schedule will be made available. Persons will get a notification three days before their appointment with information such as date, time, and venue. A second appointment will be made for the second dose of the vaccine. 

Vaccination centres

* Major locations that can vaccinate at least 1,000 persons per day
* At least one site per parish with larger parishes having up to three sites
* Logistics for these sites will be managed by the JDF
* Sites will be operated on weekends i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday

There will be 56 vaccination centres for both Phase One and Phase Two. There will be 19 facilities for Phase Three.

When getting vaccinated

Step 1 – Registration

* A temperature check is done before entry
* Patient is checked for an appointment and National ID & Work ID
* If no appointment, the persons will be asked to make an appointment
* Patient is allowed to sign register
* Patient is then directed to the waiting area
* Vaccination Card is populated

Step 2 Counselling

* Counselling sessions done in batches of 10 patients at a time
* Counselling sessions will include brochures
* Counsellors will also support the Q&A sessions before testing

Step 3 Vaccine Administration

* Verification of health status
* Counselled
* Patient vaccinated
* Nurse signs the vaccination card

Step 4 Observation

* Persons are observed for 15 minutes for negative response to the vaccine
* Persons with severe prior allergic reaction will be observed 30 minutes
* Resuscitation services
* Transport if necessary

Step 5 Documentation

* Registration form submitted
* Vaccination card issued
* Appointment for second dose made

Minimum wait time – 35 minutes

Maximum wait time – 52 minutes

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