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Stuff From The Cuffs

Couple using social media to spread the gospel

Published:Friday | March 26, 2021 | 12:18 AMShanna Monteith - Sunday Gleaner Writer
Brian and Basillia Cuff.
Brian and Basillia Cuff.

Media personalities and YouTubers of the Christian family channel, dubbed ‘Stuff From The Cuffs, Brian and Basillia Cuff and their daughters, Bree’Ah-Marie and Bella-Renee.
Media personalities and YouTubers of the Christian family channel, dubbed ‘Stuff From The Cuffs, Brian and Basillia Cuff and their daughters, Bree’Ah-Marie and Bella-Renee.

In a series of videos with the signature ‘Stuff From The Cuffs’, media personalities Brian and Basillia Cuff are using social media to spread the gospel of God, love, marriage and family.

The YouTube channel, an idea of which first came from the requests of several persons who have been following the couple over the years, was birthed after much prayer and from the opportunity presented by the pandemic.

Touching on the aim of the social community which was launched in May 2020, Basillia said, “Different people do things for different reasons. There are those who view YouTube as just a means of income. We don’t. We use the moniker F.I.R.E. We bring fun, inspiration, realness and education. All we seek to do is encapsulated in those things. We bring clean, wholesome fun in stressful days; inspire, based on what we’ve been through, bringing the good, bad and in-between; and as educators, we pass knowledge along.”

The wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, Bree’Ah-Marie and Bella-Renée, admitted that it was indeed a struggle to open the doors of the family to the world.

She noted, “There are elements to our lives that we still keep private and guarded, especially as it relates to our children. However, over time, we agreed that it is often silence that causes more harm, in terms of people feeling like they are completely alone in their situations.


“There were things that we have seen, heard and lived over the years, especially as it relates to marriage, that we honestly believe could have been avoided or better dealt with if someone had spoken about it or shared their experiences. Sometimes being vulnerable means making someone else stronger and better. That means a lot.”

Of value added through their content, the celebrated couple told Family and Religion that the family’s Christianity is the main ingredient in everything they produce, followed by their experiences as husband and wife.

“While we stress that no two relationships are the same and that we aren’t perfect, we aim to show the value of having God front and centre, having open communication, and just being practical with the influence we have,” they said, adding that their channel aims to show another side to the whole equation.

With nearly 7,000 hopefuls subscribed to the lessons, insights, lives and overall ‘stuff from the Cuffs’, the celebrated couple admitted that ministry through YouTube has proven to be more effective than they thought it would be.

“So many individuals and couples have messaged us about going through similar things and being inspired or educated. There are those who subscribed to the fun element of our channel because of the stressing times. Most significant is the fact that people have watched and invited us to be on panels and be guest speakers in different seminars, to help their young people and singles prepare for marriage; or even married couples, to help them navigate the journey, especially during trying times. We have a growing community of supporters who we call our ‘Cufflinx Fam’ and who we’ve been able to encourage, inspire and educate by simply being real about some of our experiences, and discussing topics that are not often talked about.

[The support has been] overwhelming, surprising and awe-inspiring. If you understand how hard it is to get 100 subscribers on YouTube, much less over 1,000, you may understand how grateful we are to have the support of individuals, here and overseas, who are loyal to our channel and who look forward to our content. We’ve seen what we call tremendous growth and support in less than a year, not just based on numbers, but impact. We are grateful,” they shared.