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A ‘ghost’ heads St James’ most wanted list?

Cops unleash DFAT to track down top violence producers

Published:Wednesday | March 31, 2021 | 12:11 AMAdrian Frater/News Editor


St James gangster Shaniel Luton, who was reportedly killed in a gangland feud in Haiti in 2019, tops the list of 31 most-wanted men who have been placed on the radar of the newly-formed St James police’s Divisional Fugitive Apprehension Team (DFAT), which has been tasked to track down and apprehend violence producers.

“Luton is still on the list because, while we got reports from our counterparts in Haiti that he was killed there in a gang feud, it has not been confirmed by scientific evidence,” said St James’ commanding officer, Superintendent Vernon Ellis, who is leading the initiative. “He (Luton) will be kept on the list until we are able to prove conclusively through DNA that he is dead.”

Luton was awaiting sentencing for a double murder when he escaped custody, and based on police intelligence, fled the island to Haiti where he reportedly had ties via his illicit guns-for-drug trade connections.


In addition to Luton, the list consists of 11 other men who have been implicated in murders. The list is completed by one man who is wanted for attempted murder, five men wanted for shooting, nine for wounding, two for assault, one for escaping custody, and one for rape.

“The fugitive team is assigned exclusively to track and facilitate the arrest of criminals who are wanted in the parish of St James,” said Ellis. “Even though the team operates in St James, the DFAT also crosses divisional boundaries on the trail of criminals.”

Fabian ‘Killy Killy’ Morris, who was elevated to the list briefly after he allegedly shot and killed Marvin Holness in Niagara Square on Friday, February 5, was tracked down and captured in Arcadia district in southern James. At the time he was held, he was found with a black and chrome Taurus 9mm pistol, loaded with 18 rounds of ammunition in his waistband.

Among the men wanted for murder are renowned gangsters: Odean ‘Bummy Squeeze’ Brown, Romaine ‘Dutch’ Thorpe, Marshall ‘Jesus’ Dillion, Oran ‘Mike’ Dunn (double murder), and Sanjae ‘Odari’ Nelson. Among the well-known gangsters wanted for shooting are: Kevin ‘Chuck Don’ White, Javaughn ‘Cooking Oil’ Campbell, and Sheldon ‘Yellow Tape’ Grey.

“These men are considered armed and dangerous and it is in the best interest of the public not to have these men operating in their communities, so if they are seen, the police should be immediately alerted,” said Ellis, who earlier this year branded the renowned violence producers as terrorists. “We cannot have a safe St James with these guys running around and shooting people.”


It should be interesting to note that the average age of the men wanted for murder and shooting is approximately 25 years old, and are predominantly from inner-city communities in North West St James, the constituency of National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang.

While St James is largely considered a nursery for cold-blooded killers, it has also been a graveyard for high-profile gangsters, many of whom have died in gun battles with the security forces. Last year, Delano ‘Prekeh’ Wilmot, who was arguably the most elusive gangster St James has produced, was killed at his secret hideout in Cambridge in a confrontation with the security forces, ending his four-year reign of terror which included several gun battles with the police.