Sun | Dec 5, 2021

Drought affecting NWC systems in some parishes

Published:Tuesday | April 20, 2021 | 9:48 AM
The water commission is encouraging customers to store water for use, should there be interruptions in the supply.

The National Water Commission (NWC) is reporting that the drought has caused a decline in inflow and a shortfall in production at some of its facilities in some parishes.

As a result of the shortfall in the amount of water available for distribution, customers served by these systems will either experience low water pressure or intermittent supply.  

Affected systems are:

St Elizabeth - Hannah Spring and Aberdeen Spring.

Affected communities - New Hope, Sellington, Shewberry, Fyffes Pen, Cataboo, Hannah, Aberdeen, and Top Williams.

Hanover - Logwood Treatment Plant, New Milns Pumping Station, and Cascade Pumping Station.

Affected communities - Logwood, March Town, Cave Valley, Santoy, Orange Bay, Negril, Sheffield, Green Island, Salt Spring, Lucea, Esher, Elgin Town, Malcolm Heights, Haughton, Court, Cauldwell, Pell River, First Hill, Archwell, Saxam, Bloody Bay, New Hope, Retreat,  Westland Mount, New Milns, Welcome, Cacoon, Nyerere Farm, Haddington, Watford Hill, Woodland, Cascade, Pondside, Great Valley, Jericho, Retrieve, Claremount, Smithfield, Willoughby and Cold Spring.

St James - Endeavour Pumping Station, Mafoota Pumping Station, Niagara Treatment Plant, Reading Spring, Tangle River, Dantrout Pumping Station, and Vaughnsfield.

Affected communities - Mount Horeb, Fern, Rushea, Plum, Mafoota, Roehampton, Rocky Hill, Wales Pond, Lawson, Comfort Hall, Windsor Castle, Niagara, Johnson, Elderslie, Accompong, Jointwood, Reading, Bogue Hill, Bogue Heights, Ramble Hill, Tangle River, Vaughnsfield, sections of German Town, Dantrout, Marchmont Road, German Town, Seaford Town, St Leonard, Mount Spring, Coffee Ground, Chesterfield, and Gardener.

Trelawny - Queen of Spain 1, 2& 3 Wells.

Affected communities - Wakefield, Bounty Hall, Deeside, Drumilly, Hammersmith, Friendship, Bunkers Hill, and Green Park.

The NWC says it will continue to monitor these systems and provide updates.

In the meantime, the NWC is encouraging customers to store water for use, should there be interruptions in the supply.

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