Wed | Dec 8, 2021

Love binds us all

Published:Sunday | April 25, 2021 | 12:20 AM

The Family of the homeless at Silver Slipper Plaza found a family at St Theresa of Vineyard Town.

Gretal Roberts, of blessed memory, would not hesitate to offer her chicken, rice and peas each month to help feed the homeless. Marie Francis called while shopping at the supermarket to pick up the additional chicken, turkey necks, and rice. Mark Gonzales gave us a 10-quart pressure cooker and 100 pounds of rice. Lorie Dillon and Marie cleaned and organised the refrigerator while supervising the cooking. Jonice Farqueharson, the late Deacon Farqueharson’s wife, called Ricardo Reid, without fail each month, to pick up her seasoned chicken and continued his walk over to Barbara Vernon to receive her chickens, too, each month. Joy Brady dropped her chickens off after shopping for her family. Garth Goodall, Javin McQueen, and Audrey Wong were part of the first team of donors who started five years ago to make it possible for St Theresa of Lisieux on Deanery Road to comprise the bevy of persons who helped to care for the homeless at Silver Slipper Plaza each month.

But this raw meat, peas, turkey necks, and rice had to be converted into something edible. Javannie Hall, Michael Webster, and Ricardo Reid faithfully presented themselves each month to season the chicken on the second Saturday and start the cooking during Mass on Sunday morning so that by the time Father Dorsey returned from the Mass at Holy Rosary, it was time to begin the serving in each of 50 boxes. Gloria Fullerton prepared the steamed vegetables and Vinnette Samuels brought her “to die for” fruit drink. While Antoinette Lee spooned the rice and peas in one box, Gloria Fullerton lovingly placed the veggies. Taj Montague took his turn by stacking the lunch boxes in the plastic container, which was eventually carried to the trunk of the vehicle. Carol Davis happily wrapped the forks with serviettes.

“Fadda, we love ya food! It’s always hot ‘n’ nice!” The team of caregivers piled into Marcia Ashley’s vehicle with the aroma of smoked turkey necks and stew peas.

“Poverty is not made by God but by you and me when we do not share what we have,” said Mother Teresa. It is only through sacrifice can we show our love for people. “To be real, sacrifice must cost, must hurt, must empty ourselves” and this is what the parishioners of St Therese of Lisieux do Sunday after Sunday.

– Rev Fr Walter Dorsey, Pastor: St Therese of Lisieux at Vineyard Town