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Brothers’ fight leaves one dead, other in custody

Published:Wednesday | April 28, 2021 | 12:12 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer

A fight between two brothers some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning has left one dead and the other in police custody, and the entire farming community of Springfield in St Mary in mourning.

Dead is 53-year-old Osmund Senior, otherwise called Wayne, farmer of Springfield, St Mary.

Senior’s death come just a month after the siblings had buried their mother, who was interred in a family plot on the same premises.

Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of St Mary, Dalian Clarke, told The Gleaner that Senior’s elder sibling is in custody and being grilled about the incident.

Clarke said at around 8 o’clock Sunday morning a family friend went to visit Senior and saw his body on his back with wounds to the head, after which the police were summoned.

“The police visited the scene and commenced investigations. The investigations revealed that both brothers resided together. They had a dispute, which escalated into a fight. The suspect is in custody, not yet charged,” Clarke stated.


Preliminary investigations indicate that the brothers had a dispute which escalated into a fight during which Osmund was hit repeatedly with a concrete block.

A grieving sister of the men involved in the incident, Vivienne Senior, told reporters that she had gone to Westmoreland on Saturday and the following morning she got a phone call from a female friend saying her brother was dead.

“She said Dervin (her brother) just came and tell her that he found my brother dead outside,” Vivienne said. She said she immediately got ready and left Westmoreland and headed home.

“When I heard, I bawled all the way come up. I couldn’t do nothing. I got here, I think, after 12 (midday). When I got here and saw him lying there, I collapsed at the gate. I heard that they had an altercation, a fight developed and that’s how it comes out,” Vivienne related.

Bloodstained, broken building blocks in the yard brought about a “Him used one of the blocks…,” she started, before breaking down in tears again.

Vivienne said Osmund was born in 1968 and was one year younger than the accused. She said he was a kind and helpful person.

“Him nuh mek trouble. The only problem Wayne have, him drink at times. Him nuh gi nobody no trouble, none at all,” Vivienne said. She added that the entire community of Springfield was saddened by the tragedy, even more so as their mother has just passed.

“Everybody is upset, everybody is upset. Today is one month since I bury mi madda. The grave round a back, one month since we bury her. Today a one month since we bury har. Exactly one month today,” a dazed Vivienne related.