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Growth & Jobs | Local tech company set to lift banking technology in LAC, Africa

Published:Tuesday | May 11, 2021 | 12:08 AM
Dmitri Dawkins, commercial director of Phoenix International, MC Systems.
Dmitri Dawkins, commercial director of Phoenix International, MC Systems.
Dwayne Russell, general manager, MC Systems.
Dwayne Russell, general manager, MC Systems.

MC Systems, the technology member company of The Jamaica National Group, has acquired a world-leading core banking platform, built with trusted Microsoft technology, to enhance their suite of financial services in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

This solution, Phoenix International, will enable financial institutions to rise above their competition, transform their business and deliver superior customer service at an affordable price.

Dwayne Russell, general manager of MC Systems, said the acquisition, along with its existing technology suite of innovative tools and solutions, will provide clients with one of the world’s most trusted and innovative core banking solutions.

“Its unique architecture makes what could be a complicated process for clients incredibly simple and, crucially, far more affordable than competitive solutions,” said Russell.

“We are incredibly excited for our clients and the exciting future this offers them here in the Caribbean, Africa and in the Americas. We want to make what may seem complex, simpler, and also more secure. Financial services must transform to remain critical utilities of the future, and we at MC Systems are primed to drive success for our clients, countries, and our people,” he added.

Russell said MC Systems is making channel transformation affordable for financial institutions from the outset and will continue to provide cost savings throughout the business over time, while improving operational efficiency and service.

“MC Systems understands that it’s not enough to have the best solutions; the team provides guidance and support during the entire digital transformation, a transformation that is supported and seamless,” he said.


Dmitri Dawkins, commercial director for Phoenix International, MC Systems, said that throughout MC System’s history, the company has served clients’ industry-leading solutions to help them reach their full potential.

“As the industry has evolved, so have our solutions, strategy and portfolio. Our family of solutions offer opportunities for clients and brands across the region, to future-proof their businesses securely and with ease. Our clients are our partners, so their success is our success. Our expertise, along with our incredible client support programme, means they can look to the future with confidence and security. They can rise above the rest,” he emphasised.

Phoenix International adopts an enterprise-scale approach that integrates with existing infrastructure, making the once-complicated, simple.

Dawkins said at the heart of Phoenix International is a high-performance transaction-processing and account-servicing engine that takes full advantage of a unified platform. The open architecture on which the Phoenix International database is built, securely affords open and easy access to customer and account data.

“It uses Microsoft technologies throughout every tier of the architecture, from the development environment to the user experience, integration to the database and server operating system. Uniquely, Phoenix International houses non-core modules like teller, collections, relationship pricing and card management, all in one place,” he said, noting that this approach ensures consistent customer information is available throughout the entire business and allows users to build in-depth customer profiles beyond industry standard.

MC Systems has pioneered financial solutions across the Caribbean market for more than 40 years, and has created the ultimate future customer experience and solution suite to solve this problem. Always one step ahead, it is once again set to transform the industry.