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Racquel Ambersley talks transition from fear to faith

Published:Sunday | May 23, 2021 | 12:06 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston - Sunday Gleaner Writer
Racquel Ambersely’s ‘Changing Seasons: Transitioning from fear to faith’
Racquel Ambersely’s ‘Changing Seasons: Transitioning from fear to faith’

Racquel Ambersely
Racquel Ambersely

Fear is an emotion that most people can relate to – be it Christians or the unsaved. It makes having faith difficult as the overwhelming situation clouds your thoughts, and it is for that reason that Racquel Ambersley decided to pen the book, Changing Seasons: Transitioning from Fear to Faith, 21-Day Devotional.

Speaking with Family and Religion on the book, which was released last December, she said it was inspired by her personal journey.

Having worked as an educator for 12 years, six of which as head of department, Ambersley shared that she felt a desire to leave her job as a teacher, a job that had been her childhood dream.

“Approximately one year, however, before I resigned, I heard a series of sermons from Pastor Dean Brown, from Christ Alive Ministry, which stimulated a great desire to live by faith. That experience had me praying to the Lord about my desire to become more than just a Christian, but a present-day faith walker,” she said.

It was not an easy decision, though. As much as she wanted to leave her job and explore another dimension of her gifting and calling, it came with a lot of emotions – fear of stepping into the great unknown.

“Thoughts of possible failure consumed my mind. This uncertainty and unsettling emotion led me to seek comfort and strength in the presence of the Lord. Whenever I would spend time in the word and prayer, I found peace and assurance and gained insights around the value of trusting God no matter what. I felt inspired to write a devotional and got encouragement and support from Crystal Daye and concluded that the devotional could benefit someone who ... will experience a transitional season and could benefit from the insights that I had gained,” she shared about the book.

Stressing that a lot of her life went into its contents, Ambersely said she struggled with feelings of uncertainty and fear, which intensified in her period of transition from what she knew and did so well. Those feelings, she highlighted, conflicted with her desire to walk by faith and not by sight.

“My life, therefore, influenced the book as I have made progress and continue to develop my capacity to transition through different seasons of life while leaning on His unchanging love,” she opined.

For those who will take the time to read the book, Ambersley stated that she wants them to know that their transitional season is God’s way of taking them higher and deeper in their faith to not just live, but live according to His plan and purpose for their life.

“Your fear is minimised when your faith is exercised. We may have expressed on numerous occasions that we believe, but the evidence is in our actions. Your fear will fear you when you are more determined to act in faith. The only way to minimise your fear is to faithfully pursue your dreams,” she said.

The book is geared at taking readers day by day through scriptures, reflections, calls to action, and powerful inspirational songs that will empower them to identify their season, and navigate through uncertainties and fears by building faith muscles.

A Christian for 24 years now and actively serving God throughout various roles in her local church – children’s director, teens director, youth fellowship vice-president, and president and Sunday school teacher – Ambersley sees her journey with the Lord as a daily yes. “Some days saying yes is more difficult than others, however, I am committed to the faith walk.”