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27 VMBS employees to return to court in July

Published:Friday | May 28, 2021 | 12:15 AM

Twenty-seven employees of the Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) are to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on July 13 on allegations of breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act.

A popular social media influencer and an attorney-at-law, who were also charged with the group, are also scheduled to return.

When the matter was mentioned on May 19, the defence attorney requested a further mention date, and as a result the accused bails were all extended for them to return to court in July.

It is being alleged that on April 28, a police team was on patrol in the New Kingston area monitoring the nightly curfew when they received information that an event was in session at the VMBS building.

The police went to the location where they reportedly heard loud music coming from the roof and saw party lights on the top of the building.

They reportedly made checks and discovered that the company was hosting an event called ‘I am VM Awards’.

The police then called for backup and went to the parking lot of the building where they reportedly saw several vehicles.

It is further alleged that the police turned on the lights on their service vehicles and the music was immediately turned off, and that persons started to leave the roof and were arrested and subsequently charged.

But VMBS has denied that the company was hosting a party.

According to the VMBS, it was hosting a virtual official company event and the production was happening at the location.

It has maintained that it had sought permission from the police and was granted an exemption letter.

This is being denied by the police.

Attorneys-at-law Jacqueline Samuels Brown, QC, Pierre Rodgers, Steven Jackson and Joriah Scott are representing the accused.