Thu | Aug 5, 2021

Trade Winds introduces Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo to the market

Published:Friday | June 11, 2021 | 12:07 AM
Trade Winds Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo.
Trade Winds Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo.

Trade Winds Citrus Limited has further expanded its product line to include two additional milk beverages: Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo. These follow the introduction of TruSHAKE and Tru-Almond in November 2020, which saw the company utilising a brand new manufacturing line valued at US$3 million.

The launch of Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo took place in March 2021 as a continuation to Trade Winds’ strategy to revolutionise the nutrition and plant-based milk beverage markets.

Marketing Manager Lauren Mahfood said, “The feedback on the new dairy products has been exceptional, with positive reviews on flavour and affordability. As newcomers to this industry, consumers have welcomed the opportunity to support Jamaican-made products and we look forward to maintaining their interest with new flavours and packaging options on an ongoing basis.”

The company acquired Jamaica Beverage Limited (JBL) in October 2020 as a strategic investment to fast-track their entry into the milk industry, which allowed them to launch the two new products, Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo in March 2021.

Managing director of Trade Winds Citrus, Peter McConnell, said, “These new product offerings are in line with Trade Winds’ expansion and innovation strategy which has so far been exceeding expectations. We continue to diversify and invest in agriculture as the company strongly believes that Jamaica can and will feed itself.”

Tru-Milk is 100 per cent pure cow’s milk, which requires refrigeration at all times, and is available in 475ml, 945ml and half-gallon sizes. Trade Winds says its goal is to reacquaint the Jamaican palate to the unmatched quality of fresh cow’s milk.

Meanwhile, Tru-Moo, a flavoured milk drink which also requires refrigeration, is currently available in a rich chocolate flavour in a 945ml package. The company expects to launch its cherry, peanut punch and 100 per cent milk in a single serve 450ml carton later this month.

With the launch of Tru-Milk and Tru-Moo, Trade Winds Citrus is supporting local Jamaican farmers who they depend on for a steady supply of milk. The company continues to expand its network of farmers and has noticed that their enthusiasm and productivity have increased considerably since their relationship started a few months ago. Like the Tru-Juice brand, the four new brands (Tru-Milk, Tru-Moo, TruSHAKE and Tru-Almond) are all premium quality products, blended to perfection and packaged in a wide range of convenient formats.