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Developing a deeper intimacy with God

Published:Sunday | June 27, 2021 | 12:06 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston - Sunday Gleaner Writer

Debra Kay Williams
Debra Kay Williams

There was a time in Debra Kay Williams’ life when she felt like she was missing out on something. She had a void that begged to be filled. She soon realised that the only way it could be filled was by God Himself.

She said she embraced the message of seeking the Lord with all her heart and from that came the inspiration for a book she has lately released, titled Your Word in My Heart - Developing Deeper Intimacy with God.

“This message of seeking The Lord with all our hearts is for me, the author, as much as it is for anyone else. The Lord is a Good Shepherd, and He has proven that to me repeatedly. If there is any point in life where I am not making Him the centre of my life, He will point that out to me. This book came out of the desire not to be just a regular Christian who, in the eyes of men, does everything right; but to be one who actually has an intimate relationship with God,” Williams shared with Family and Religion.

She shared that, through a series of teachings and persons who have been placed in her life, she developed a closer relationship with the Lord.

]It is from this experience Williams said the desire was born to see young people developing a closer relationship with God, primarily through spending time in His Word.

“I have always had the idea in mind to write a book but was not clear on what I would write about. However, sometime between 2019 and early 2020, the inspiration started to come through personal experiences I had while going through Scripture. The Lord began to prepare me to write the book by giving me the topics that should be covered in the book and by also using others to give me a word of encouragement and prayer that made the book into a reality,” she said.

Now that she has released it, Williams said she wants readers who are struggling to grow and to be consistent in their walk with the Lord. According to her, sometimes the main cause of that lack of growth is the failure to dedicate time consistently to spend with God.

“We often find time to do many things, but not the most important thing. This book is reminding us to make our relationship with God the number one priority. It will convey to readers that we need to move from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge of God, based on the truth about Him in His Word,” she stated, with the plea for young people everywhere to take the step to develop a relationship with God.


Your Word in my Heart is a Spirit-led guide that will help readers to get to know God deeply through intimacy with His Word. The book, she said, will help readers to learn how to spend time with God in this age of many distractions, be intentional about their relationship with God, and learn practical steps to develop a relationship with God.

Williams, who is a past student of Clarendon College, and who holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Technology, said she always enjoyed writing and sees the publishing of her book as her way of honouring those who would have impacted her life, as well as helping young women who are currently struggling to be consistent in their walk with God.