Fri | Oct 22, 2021

Hanover JP Association ready to support the police

Published:Wednesday | June 30, 2021 | 12:05 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer
Superintendent Sharon Beeput.
Superintendent Sharon Beeput.
HJPA President Andre Lawrence.
HJPA President Andre Lawrence.


As stakeholders continue to seek out ways to address the parish’s crime problem, several areas of possible cooperation in addressing the problem were discussed when the newly elected executive of the Hanover Justices of the Peace Association (HJPA) met with Superintendent Sharon Beeput, the police commander for the parish, last weekend.

The newly installed HJPA executive, led by Andre Lawrence, along with Immediate Past President Sharmaine Suckoo-Samuels, visited Beeput’s office, where the new team was formally introduced to her before they discussed the state of crime in the parish, which once had the enviable distinction of being the nation’s most peaceful parish.

“We welcome the opportunity to engage with all stakeholder groups in the parish,” Beeput told The Gleaner. “The more people we can get on board to support our efforts is most welcomed because the police cannot do it alone.

“We welcome this visit by the HJPA because it provides us with an opportunity to discuss the various challenges we face in maintaining law and order and areas of possible collaboration as we work together to make the parish as safe as possible,” added Beeput.

According to Beeput, the justices of the peace (JPs) are integral to the upkeep of law and order in society, and a good relationship between the JPs and the police is not only necessary but beneficial.

“There are times when we might need them (the JPs) on the spur of a moment or vice versa, and so it is important that that level of availability and connectivity is ever-present,” said Beeput.


Lawrence, who has hit the ground running after his recent elevation to the presidency of the HJPA, told The Gleaner that he has committed himself to serve the people of the parish to the best of his ability, and is always willing to work in support of Custos David Stair and the police in whatever ways he can, once it is in keeping with his mandate as a JP.

“My commitment is to serve the people of this parish, and by extension the people of this country, and I sincerely intend to give it my best effort,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence has taken up the mantle of leadership in the HJPA at a time when Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has launched an appeal to custodes across the island to institute a system in which there is only one organisation representing JPs in each parish, hence he will be the one official voice for JPs in Hanover.

Beeput, the only female commanding officer in western Jamaica, has been employing numerous strategies, including getting dormant citizens associations and youth clubs reactivated.