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Robbery spate in Manchester as slain crook linked to dozens of crimes

Published:Thursday | July 15, 2021 | 5:52 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer

A slain serial larcenist has been positively identified in more than 30 cases of sacrilege and shop break-ins across Manchester stretching back several years, investigators have confirmed.

Garnette Dixon, 37, also known as ‘Polo’, of Resource, Cross Keys, Manchester, was shot and killed by police during an operation in St Elizabeth on April 22.

Detectives traced Dixon to the theft of appliances from churches and items from grocery shops and bars located in Manchester and Clarendon, totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While murders and shootings have fallen in Manchester, there has been an uptick in robberies and break-ins.

Robberies have climbed by 22 per cent from 41 to 50 and break-ins have risen seven per cent, from 87 to 93.

“Though this man is no longer with us, we will still have more than our fair share of break-ins and we are asking the citizens to target harden themselves and their homes,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Lloyd Darby.

“We have a lot break-ins in the daytime when people have left and gone to work.”

Darby, who has replaced Superintendent Gary Francis as commander of the Manchester Police Division, said returning residents who are in transition continue to be heavily targeted because they leave their homes unsupervised for months at a time.

“Many of them spend six months here, then six months abroad, and leave their homes unattended. Sometimes there is a caretaker who comes in occasionally but persons watch, will go and break in, and take out large items,” the commanding officer said.