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Clansman Gang Trial | Witness testifies about reputed leader’s hit list

Published:Monday | November 1, 2021 | 2:40 PM
The witness was giving his evidence-in-chief via video link in the Home Circuit Court.

A former don who is now a state witness in the One Don Gang trial today testified that reputed leader Andre 'Blackman' Bryan was at one point irritated that persons on his hit list were not being killed fast enough.

The former top-tier member said the alleged gang leader was also ticked that St Catherine was being outpaced by other parishes in murders.

The witness, during his evidence-in-chief via video link in the Home Circuit Court, testified that top-tier members of the gang had met regularly to discuss issues that were of concern to Blackman.

Among these issues, the witness said, was the slow pace at which targets on Blackman's list were being killed.

"Blackman had two lists with names of people fi dead and he was complaining that three of the men still on the list and him need to move on to the next list," the witness testified.

"Him say him tired fi hear bout Yah Yah, Guy Guy and Mer," he said.

The witness told the court that the gang also had meetings to discuss shootings.

On one of those occasions, he said the country's murder statistics came up and he was asked by Blackman to get data from the Internet 

According to him, when he brought it to Blackman complained that St Catherine was below in the murder counts.

"He would look at it and say 'dem cah have more killings, St Catherine ah de capital'," the witness recalled Blackman commenting after seeing that Clarendon and St James were leading.

Another issue that was reportedly ventilated at those meetings, the witness said, was the collection of extortion money, specifically about who was to be tasked with that duty.

The court further heard that during those meetings the lone female accused Stephanie Christie on trial did most of the talking.

He testified that Christie had reportedly scolded alleged gang members for being lazy and not capitalising on the failure of their rival to make collections.

The witness said the female defendant, while admonishing the alleged gang members, had accused them of doing as much as alleged members of the Clansman Gang, who were also reportedly collecting extortion money in Spanish Town.

The One Don Gang is a breakaway faction of the Clansman Gang.

The witness said Bryan had also expressed his annoyance in not completing the hit list quickly.

Bryan and 32 other alleged gang members are being tried on an indictment with 25 counts under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organizations) Act and the Firearms Act.

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