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JLP to settle contentious Chester Castle candidate run-off Saturday

Published:Wednesday | November 17, 2021 | 12:10 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer


The decision as to whether Fearon DeCarish, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor for the Chester Castle division in eastern Hanover, will be kept on for the next local government elections or if he will be booted is set to be settled in a candidate run-off this Saturday.

DeCarish, who sources said is rapidly losing support among many of the persons who ushered him into power in 2017, is being challenged by retired educator, Kaydeen Myles-Campbell, who is said to be riding on a wave of growing popularity.

The Gleaner has been reliably informed that the voters’ list with some 103 delegates, which was distributed to both DeCarish and Miles-Campbell from as far back as November 2020, is settled, paving the way for the contest to go ahead.

A well-placed JLP source told The Gleaner that the three polling stations that will be used are the Bethel Primary School in Hopewell; the Knockalva Technical High School in Ramble; and the Mt Peto Primary School in Mackfield.

When The Gleaner contacted DeCarish, he confirmed that the election will take place on Saturday. He also appeared quite confident that his record as a councillor will influence the voters to side with him once again.

“The work that I have done is there to show, and those residents in the division who know what I am all about is with me, and the party workers also,” said DeCarish. “I have a close working relationship with the party workers and that’s what it is all about.”

Like DeCarish, Myles-Campbell was exuding confidence when The Gleaner spoke to her. In fact, she believes that based on the groundwork she has done to drum up support, she is confident that she will get the support of the majority of the delegates.

“I trust their (the delegates) judgement, they know what is happening in the division, and they are quite capable of making the right choice. I believe in the people and their ability to make the right decision. Nothing has been happening in the division,” said Myles-Campbell.

“Since I have mounted the challenge, one would have hope that he (DeCarish) would have at least made an effort to say well, I have been challenged, so I will do something, but there is nothing to show at all, no programmes, no projects, nothing,” added Myles-Campbell.

The retired educator said the platform on which she is challenging to become the JLP’s challenger in the next local government elections is built around accountability and transparency. She said that, under her leadership, the constituents will have a voice in determining what projects are attempted and how they will be executed.

According to Myles-Campbell, she has been meeting and having worthwhile discussions with the delegates about the future development of the division and she is satisfied that they are on board with her vision.