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Hanover, St James JPs get new seals

Published:Friday | December 3, 2021 | 12:05 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer
Hanover Custos Dr David Stair.
Hanover Custos Dr David Stair.


Justices of the peace (JPs) in the parishes of Hanover and Trelawny are now collecting their new seals of authorisation as the Ministry of Justice has commenced its pilot project, which will eventually see all JPs across the island operating with the new seal.

The wording on the old JP’s seals has been changed, as while the old seal had the name of the parish in which the JPs were commissioned, the new seal reads: “Justice of the Peace – Jamaica.”

The changes to the seal are in keeping with the Justice of the Peace Act of 2018, which now gives JPs islandwide jurisdiction/authority in regard to the signing of official documents for individuals and organisations, along with other responsibilities, except with regard to lay magistrates duties, which is still confined to the parish of their commission.

With the latest cadre of JPs that were commissioned in Hanover and Trelawny getting their new seals in August when they were commissioned, all the JPs who were previously operating in the two parishes are being asked to turn in their old seals and collect the new seals. There are 190 JPs in Hanover and 210 in Trelawny.

The JPs in Trelawny have been asked to turn in their old seals and collect the new ones at the Justice Centre in Falmouth, while the JPs in Hanover are being asked to carry out their transactions at two locations - the Hopewell Sports Centre at the Orchard Housing Scheme, in Eastern Hanover; and the Justice Centre in Lucea.

The Gleaner has learnt that the distribution in Hanover started on Monday, and will continue until today; while in Trelawny, the distribution started on Wednesday and ends today.

According to Hanover Custos Dr David Stair, those JPs who are not able to fit into the plan distribution schedule are asked to contact him personally at a later date to collect their seals.

Based on information communicated to The Gleaner, the distribution of seals in the other parishes should be completed by the end of the current financial year.