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‘Mi happy cyan done’

Golden Valley residents delighted that work to correct earth drain is under way

Published:Friday | December 3, 2021 | 12:08 AMShanna Monteith/Gleaner Writer

Residents of Golden Valley in St Thomas are breathing a sigh of relief as works to correct a problematic earth drain in the community are under way.

The residents, who have in the past protested its condition, shared that the gully has been posing a threat to their homes and livelihood for years.

Councillor for the Seaforth division in which Golden Valley falls, Joan Spencer, shared that efforts were being made to fix the area before the hurricane season began; however, the St Thomas Municipal Corporation-led activity was delayed due to budgetary constraints.

“I know hurricane season ends tomorrow (Tuesday) but I’m still happy to see that the works are now under way. Whenever it rains, the water fills up the gully and because it’s an earth drain, it has no direction. It flows all about, erodes the lands, floods yards and destroys houses of some residents. What we are trying to do is control that floodwater,” she said.


Spence told The Gleaner that a concrete structure is being built to better channel the water away from homes and into its proper passage.

The project, which is estimated at approximately $2 million, is to see the construction of some 60 metres of concrete gutter which is expected to better channel the water away from homes and into its proper passage.

During rainy seasons, residents, whose land expands beyond the channel, will also be able to access their farms and animals, via small concrete passages that are also being built to bridge the gap between their houses and the rest of their property.

“We have a few more days or so before its completed but I’m happy with the progress so far. In the past, some residents had to move out whenever there was rain. My main concern is a home nearby that is occupied by two elderly people who supervise a disabled relative. They wouldn’t be able to run in the case of a flood so we would have tragedy in the area,” Spencer said, “so I’m happy about the new developments.”

Singing praises was Evade Forbes, who told The Gleaner that she has fearfully weathered much floods at the hand of the earth bridge.


“I’m feeling very grateful because it’s been a long time that I have been suffering with the water. When it rains it block us off from the other side of the land and threatens we house. Now we are relieved. We can sit comfortably when it is raining and look out. We don’t have to worry sey it going to come in our house and wash away our things,” Forbes said.

Also expressing gratitude was her nearly 80-year-old neighbour Joycelyn Cole, who told The Gleaner that she has had to venture into the pouring rain to dig trenches in order to save her house from destruction.

“When the gully come down in come like river. Sometimes all six inches of water come up in mi yard and house and a me alone live. We demonstrate and now we see things a go on, mi happy can’t done. Mi naw fret again, just a watch to make sure dem do it good and not wasting time and money,” Cole said.