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Supreme Court office attendant among top ten civil servants

Published:Monday | December 6, 2021 | 12:07 AMBarbara Gayle/Gleaner Writer
Hewan Lloyd Campbell.
Hewan Lloyd Campbell.

After working in the government service for 32 years, Hewan Lloyd Campbell, an office attendant supervisor at the Supreme Court, is proud to have been shortlisted in the top 10 civil servants for 2021-2022.

“I feel good about it. I am so happy that my dedicated service was recognised,” Campbell said.

He is the first employee from the Supreme Court to be selected to vie for the position of Civil Servant of the Year. Although he did not get the top spot, Campbell says just being shortlisted in the top 10 brings great joy to him as well as his co-workers, friends and family.

Campbell is described by his co-workers, attorneys-at-law and judges as very helpful, hard-working, dedicated and courteous.

“He goes above and beyond the call of duty to help everyone. Even when litigants cannot find a courtroom, he is ready to take them there or instruct them how to find it,” one of his co-workers said.

A senior member of the court staff said it was Campbell’s honesty, hard work and courtesy that was recognised, and she was happy for him. “He takes pride in doing his job,” she added .

“It is not the type of job you have, but it is how you do the job you are entrusted to do,” Campbell said.


Asked how he felt about the nomination, Campbell said, “It was a very proud moment for me, after working for 32 years and five months, and still going.” Campbell says he feels good about his job and is happy that his service has been recognised.

“My advice to those who work in the public service is to do the best that they can and it will bear fruit,” he added.

Campbell recounted that when he was interviewed by the panellists, they were very impressed with his knowledge of the job, the interest he displayed in the work, and how he ensured that the Supreme Court building was properly maintained and the material to get the job done was not wasted.

He is also responsible for the photocopying of documents, which include judgments and transcripts of cases to be sent to the Court of Appeal.

“There are many evenings when I and my co-workers stay at work very late just to ensure that the transcripts are ready to be sent to the Court of Appeal, “ Campbell.

He is aware of recent complaints that appeal cases are being held up because transcripts of cases are not ready.

“This is the reason we work extra hours to expedite the photocopying of the documents as soon as we get them, so that our department cannot be blamed,” said Campbell.

Campbell, who was presented with a gift on November 26 at the ceremony at The Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston, said he gives thanks to God for always guiding him and giving him the courage to do his best at all times.